My Bestest Friend

These are all the profiles Illyria makes for me ♥

Chapter 1

Numbro 1

Soooooooz, this is X-eo, and I decided to haack this wonderfully wonderful person because she was silly enough to give her 'personal info' to a very bored and equally as silly person♥ Anyways, I'm just here to tell you guys that this girl is the bestest friend that you could ever have, and if you fvck with her, well that's like fvcking with me, so you're dead, sorry :P This girl HATES yellow, and bananas, because they're yellow and they look like a peniis. (she might kill me for putting the word on here XD) AAAAAAAnyways, one song that she loves is The Drug In Me Is You, by Falling in Reverse, just to get that out there. She's also got me hooked on Brokencyde, which I'm not quite sure if that's good or bad yet.........Anyways, She's agnostic, so she doesn't really care about your religious shiiz (neither do I) So if you wanna preach to her, either prepare to be ignored, cusssed out, or actually have a nice conversation, it all depends on her mood and if she happens to be talking to me at the time :3


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