Complicated Love(A Johnny Cade Love Story)

Chapter 1

My Life

I moved to Tulsa about a year ago. I lived in a run down area since that's all my mom and I could afford. Our house was white with the color chipping in some spots and fading in others. It was about the same as the other houses. My room had white walls, with a big poster of Elvis, and a desk for when I do my homework and what not. I also had some other stuff that helped decorate my room.
As I sat down on my bed I stared over out the window and caught a glimpse of my picture of my dad and I before he left to be in the war. Right before the war was over he was killed in action. I looked at it for a minute or two and then decided to go visit my best friend so far. And that would be Ponyboy Curtis. My other close friend is Two-Bit Matthews.
"I love ya dad." I said looking at the picture. I walked out the door and the sky was turning a blackish color. I had a grey sweatshirt, faded jeans with holes in them, and black and white shoes on. My hair was back in a ponytail. As I was walking down the street someone beeped their horn behind me. I turned around and saw who it was. The socs driving around in a blue Mustang.
"Hey girl." Yelled the one soc. His name was Paul. Rumor had it that he liked me. As they drove by Paul handed me something and winked at me. I gave him a puzzled look and opened up the slip of paper. It was his number. I crumpled it up and shoved it in my pocket looking disgusted. As I walked up the porch steps to the Curtis home someone grabbed me from behind.
"Hey kiddo!!" Two-Bit yelled.
"Hey!" I said laughing as he spun me around. He put me down after him and I were both dizzy. Then Ponyboy came outside.
"Hey Pony!" I said.
"Hey Megan." He said. Sodapop, Darry, and Steve came out too. They were ready to go to work. I still didn't know Steve that well but we still talked. Soda gave me a hug and Darry gave me a kiss on my forehead. Then we saw Dally walk up the road and come over to us.
"Hey kid!" Dally said to me.
"Hey Dal!" He gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. Dally and I were close too.
"I was just down at the Dingo and this guy came after me for slashing his tires. We got in this huge fight and the fuzz even showed up with heaters!! I got away though." Dally told us.
"You better watch yourself Dally." Ponyboy told him.
"Yeah yeah." Dally said unconcerned. After awhile of talking we saw someone being thrown out of their house and getting screamed at. It was Johnny. He started walking over to us with a new bruise on his neck. His dad tends to lift him up by his neck when he beats him. I didn't really know Johnny that well though. I guess I don't really think he likes me all that well. I still say hi to him though. I felt bad for him though with his family situation and all. Also one thing I knew is that I liked him a lot. Nobody else knew not even Pony.

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