STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

As THE teen idol of the world, he has the superstar girlfriend, just about every girl as a fan, and top celebs as good friends. But things change once his mother realizes he isn't living the normal teenage life he should be. When Justin gets into a car wreck after leaving one of Usher's parties intoxicated. Patty decides to send Justin away to a secret location for the summer. Will the seperation from that lifestyle make or break Justin? Will Selena stick around? Will his fans remain loyal?

Chapter 9

Young Wild & Free

"Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?" he questioned.

I nodded then pulled my bottoms off myself, Justin chuckled and removed his own while I moved the blankets back. He climbed on top of me again but this time he entered me in one long slow stroke. A low shriek escaped my lips from the force, he paused and kissed me deeply.

Then he thrusted again slowly and softly, we both moaned in pleasure. With time he gradually moved faster and harder, and I could no longer keep my moans low.

Every now and then I would notice Justin smiling I guess he was pleased with my reactions. He would moan and sigh loudly whenever he dope deep, or when I clawed his back because the intensity.

At one point I felt myself reaching an explosive peak I've never felt so alive and so complete in my life. Justin held me tight while he released a loud moan himself and then collapsed.

He kissed my forehead both of us out of breath and covered in sweat. It has to be completely impossible for what we just did to get any better. Justin's heavy breathing began to slow, his head raised from my chest.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked concerned.

"It was a... good pain" I smiled taking a hand full of his hair and bringing his lips to mine.

Looking in his eyes now made me realize how much I needed Justin, my life would never be the same I craved his perfect smile and the way his brown eyes would bare into mine.

Justin's kisses began to trail down my neck and across my chest.

I could feel him getting hard again against my leg. He then dove deep inside me, "Tell me how you want it" he whispered while his teeth grazed my ear.

"Take it slow" I tried to say as seductively as possible and he smiled then nodded once...

A few hours later we were interupted by a phone call from Patty.

"Hey mom whats up? Yeah.. no way?! Thats awesome, thanks so much mom. Bye" Justin responded.

As soon as he hung up he smothered me in kisses, "What? What did she say?" I asked curious about his excitement.

"Guess who's summer tour is starting here at the mall today?" he beamed.

"Ahh thats great!" I squeezed him, atleast now I had a bit longer with him.

"So when are you gonna tell Matt?" I asked.

Justin thought about for a moment then jumped with an idea, "You'll see.. Go to the show alright and make sure he comes too I have a surprise for you" he instructed while quickly redressing himself.

"Umm doesn't the superstar's girlfriend get backstage passes or something?" I questioned and he laughed.

"I have something way better" he smiled before kissing me one last time.

Then I escorted him to the front door and watched him leave, I wonder what he has planned...

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