STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

As THE teen idol of the world, he has the superstar girlfriend, just about every girl as a fan, and top celebs as good friends. But things change once his mother realizes he isn't living the normal teenage life he should be. When Justin gets into a car wreck after leaving one of Usher's parties intoxicated. Patty decides to send Justin away to a secret location for the summer. Will the seperation from that lifestyle make or break Justin? Will Selena stick around? Will his fans remain loyal?

Chapter 2

Do I look like Justin Bieber to you?

Next day

~JB P.O.V~

So my mom finally had me shipped out to some town in the south east. When I pulled up to the house I could already tell I was going to hate this place, but while I was getting my luggage someone came out of the the house it was my dad!

"You didn't think we would leave you out here by yourself did you?" he smiled I gave him a hug and picked up my stuff again.

"Well mom didn't mention anyone else being here so yeah" I answered as we walked to the house.

Inside was pretty big, but not as big as my mansion. In my room there was a huge bed and flat screen, and other guy like was a total man cave. I unpacked and went downstairs, my dad was in the living room watching a game.

"So what do you do for fun here?" I asked.

"Well there's a beach up the road..and a mall. That's where most of the kids hangout" he answered not looking away from the screen.

If I was going to survive here I was going to need atleast just ONE friend, so I went upstairs and put on my disguise. When I came back down dad hadn't moved.

"Alright dad I'm out. Be back later" I called racing for the door.

"Now- wait wait wait..let me see your disguise" he objected I guess he wasn't paying that much attention to the game.

"Do I look like Justin Bieber to you?" I smiled hugely so my fake braces would stand out, he bursted out laughing.

"Hmm maybe you should've been more worried about people accepting you than your secret identity" he answered.

"Oh come on people can't be that shallow. The girls I meet seem to be really nice.." I responded.

"Thats because you were Justin Bieber the boy that had it all.. now you're the just the simple new kid Drew" dad laughed.

"Well Drew has just as much swag as Justin..maybe even more, you'll see." I added and walked out.

I decided to go to the mall today, it would be stupid to go the beach when I didn't know anyone. The mall seemed pretty packed today, and it made me a little nervous that someone would notice me but the costume held up. Noone was even giving me a second glance.

I went in footlocker to look at shoes and I ended up seeing some that I really liked so I decided to try them on. Two average looking girls walked in, and all the guys heads shot in their direction. I guess they were the head of the popularity food chain. They were wearing some homeade shirts with my face on them. When they finally passed by me one of them looked at me, so I flashed a small smile.

"Gross!" she laughed and kept walking.

Some of the other dudes started laughing at me, but I just ignored it. I took the shoes I was trying on off and put them back in the box so I could take them to the register and buy them.

Then my music video for Baby came on, the 2 stuck up girls asked one of the employees to turn it up so he did. And this buff guy sitting next to me sighed in frustration.

"Justin Bieber is so gay!" he scoffed. 2 other guys sitting across from us laughed, sudden rage filled me.

Was I just supposed to sit here and let him talk shit to me?!

"He's not gay your just jealous..I bet he could make your mom drop her panties any time he wanted" I blurted out and the dude looked at me crazy.

With just one arm he knocked me off the bench I was sitting on.

"What hell did you just say?!" he yelled standing up but I didn't back down I got up too.

"You heard me, I bet he could make your mom drop her panties any time he wanted to!" I said alot louder and his friends got up to hold him back.

"This video probably puts your dad's dick out of business..unless he gets off to it too!" I shouted and the next thing you know his fist is coming for my face.

When did they even let him go?! As I dropped to floor I could taste the blood from the fake braces ripping open the inside of my lip.

"Get him out of here before I call security!" an employee yelled.

"Alex calm down man, lets go" his friends pulled but he wasn't listening.

Then a redish maroon haired girl appeared infront of him.

"Alex calm down...lets just go ok?" she soothed and he glared at me and huffed a few times but finally backed away.

"You better pray I don't ever see you again you ugly freak!" he threatened.

The girl turned around to look at me, she and everybody else were probably shocked because of my size compared to him. She was actually pretty cute, and she actually came over to help me up.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" she asked trying to look at my bloody lip, I flinched.

"I'll be alright.." I tried to smile but I could feel my braces sliding around so I didn't, to her it probably looked like I was in too much pain.

"What caused all this?" she asked concerned

"Justin Bieber" I answered and she laughed, it was the cutest thing I've ever heard.

"For a guy in pain you're really funny...What's your name?" she smiled.

"Jus-Drew" I answered and she held her out for me to shake.

"I'm Ariana, but almost everyone calls me little red..because of my hair" I shook it.

The 2 girls that walked in earlier were now about to walk out.

"Red! Alex is going to kill if he sees you talking to him.." one of them called rolling her eyes when she said him.

"Is that your big brother or something?" I asked starting to feel bad about the comment I made to Alex.

But she laughed, "No! That's my boyfriend silly" my stomach dropped, the girls cleared their throat impatiently.

"Well it was nice meeting you Drew, and you might want to try to avoid Justin Bieber..Oh nice shoes by the way!" she smiled dancing away eyeing the box under the bench.

Then she was gone, I went over and grabbed the box and took it to the register.


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