STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

As THE teen idol of the world, he has the superstar girlfriend, just about every girl as a fan, and top celebs as good friends. But things change once his mother realizes he isn't living the normal teenage life he should be. When Justin gets into a car wreck after leaving one of Usher's parties intoxicated. Patty decides to send Justin away to a secret location for the summer. Will the seperation from that lifestyle make or break Justin? Will Selena stick around? Will his fans remain loyal?

Chapter 11

Abduction Premiere

My next show was here at the Staples Center, but it was gonna be the same weekend as the Abduction premiere. Mom thought it would be great publicity if I went so I decided to take and Ari and Matt with me.

We were waiting for our driver to pick us up, when Matt brought up a youtube video of the free show I did. Alot of the comments were speculation of me previously knowing Ariana and showing her special attention.

That reminded me of twitter and all the other social networks I haven't been on in awhile, I know they've seen this already so they must be talking. I finally got my new passwords from my mom and logged in.

The first thing I posted was Going to the Abduction premiere! #IMissedYouBeliebers :)

Then checked my mentions, they were all about the video and how I 'better not be dating her or anyone'. For a moment I couldn't believe that staying off of these sites used to be a punishment,

Ari came in the room so I just exited out of it and put my phone away. She wore a light pink dress with dark red lipstick that made her look incredible, after today everyone will definitely be talking.

"Drivers here!" Ari said incredibly breaking my stare.

I got up and let her hook her arm in mine and walked to the car. On the Abduction carpet, we were surrounded by paparazzi and greeted Taylor he was really cool.

But as we made it towards mid carpet the paps were going crazy over someone in front of us, that someone was Selena.

She glanced at me one time then turned back around but took another look and saw Ariana's hand in mine, her eyes widened and jaw dropped in shock.

"How dare you! We just broke up Justin and your already with someone else?!" she said dramatically causing all attention to fall on us.

Ariana looked at me confused so I approached Selena close enough that only us two could hear, "You dumped me remember?.. But now isn't the time to talk about this Selena" I responded sternly then she eyed Ariana then false saddness covered her face.

"Have fun being his new toy" she stalked off actually leaving the premiere.

"Wow, only been here for a day and I already feel like I'm in a soap opera" Matt joked Ariana smiled half heartedly.

It was obvious, what Selena said had gotten to her. I interlocked my fingers in hers and we continued down the carpet the paps were having a field day.

Once inside and out of hearing distance of anyone that might want to what I say into a magazine I addressed the problem.

"Ari you know I love you right?" I asked and she nodded.

"I need you ALWAYS to believe that, because now that we've stepped into this world. They are going to do everything in their power to tell you otherwise. I love you with all of my heart and there is nothing in this universe that could ever change that" I assured staring into her beautiful brown eyes.

Finally she smiled and nodded then placed a soft kiss on my lips, I thought I felt my feet leave the ground for a moment. That was until my buzzed in my pocket..

You know that feeling when you're about to get an intense call or text? Well I did and I was sooo right to feel that way..TBC...

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