STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

As THE teen idol of the world, he has the superstar girlfriend, just about every girl as a fan, and top celebs as good friends. But things change once his mother realizes he isn't living the normal teenage life he should be. When Justin gets into a car wreck after leaving one of Usher's parties intoxicated. Patty decides to send Justin away to a secret location for the summer. Will the seperation from that lifestyle make or break Justin? Will Selena stick around? Will his fans remain loyal?

Chapter 10

My World is Your World

~JB P.O.V~

There was only a few hours left until the show, and I had to spend them in rehearsal so I didn't really get the chance to talk to Ari again.

Mom took care of all the promotion and assure that everyone was coming we decided it would be a free show, especially since it was such late notice.


The mall was packed! It seemed like everyone in town was there including the adults. I was able to spot a few familar faces in the crowd like Ariana and her family, Matt and his parents, and of all people Alex with Shelby and Madison.

I performed Baby first and crowd went wild singing along and dancing too, it felt good to be back on stage with the guys again. Next was Somebody to love, most of them knew that song too, for a moment I was proud that my music even reached the smallest of towns.

I sat and sang That should be me and it made all of the girls go crazy. Overall the show was turning out to be a huge success and so much fun but I decided to save a special song for last.

U smile, I had a bouquet of red roses delievered earlier for this performance. I looked into the crowd and spotted Ariana again, she waved then blew a kiss.

"I think its about that time to share this special moment with a special girl" I announced walking back on stage with the roses, the girls went insane waving their arms to get my attention.

"You, will you come up here for me please?" I asked pointing to Ariana and she smiled hugely a little surprised.

Security guided her through the crowd and on stage, I handed her the boquet and she kissed my cheek.

"Will you sing this next song with me please?" I asked and she looked at me shocked.

"What?" she blushed.

"Sing with me Ariana" I repeated smiling then gestured for them to start playing the music to U Smile.

I gave her my mic while I was given another, she looked out into the crowd a little nervous. I took her hand and squeezed it, Matt was turning super red in the face from cheering her on we laughed.

Finally she began to sing and the audience fell silent in amazement, her parents were obviously proud. Once we finished singing she hugged me tightly then tried to go back to the crowd but I held her hand and decided to annouce something else.

She recieved standing ovations and applause like crazy, this came incredibly natural to Ariana.

"Wait before you run off I have a proposition for you. How would you like to go on tour, with me?" I asked and she covered her mouth.

I glanced in the audience to see her parents response but they were just as excited as Matt was. Still sorting through the crowd I spotted the complete envy and hatred all over Alex, Shelby, and Madison's faces.

"Under one condition... that my bestfriend Matt comes too" she answered then without hesitation he ran on stage.

We shook hands and he hugged Ari, this moment reminds of when I finally got to sing for Usher for the first time. I have never been happier. After the show, I got to talk to Ariana's and Matt's parents about it and they were fine.

Ari's just made it clear that they wanted her back before school started. They both packed in no time and we were all ready to fly back to L.A. I just hoped it would be as good to them as it was to me.

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