STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

STEREOHEART: A Justin Bieber Love Story

As THE teen idol of the world, he has the superstar girlfriend, just about every girl as a fan, and top celebs as good friends. But things change once his mother realizes he isn't living the normal teenage life he should be. When Justin gets into a car wreck after leaving one of Usher's parties intoxicated. Patty decides to send Justin away to a secret location for the summer. Will the seperation from that lifestyle make or break Justin? Will Selena stick around? Will his fans remain loyal?

Chapter 1


And most importantly what wil Justin do to better himself while he's away

In Justin's L.A. mansion

"Seriously mom? You're packing my stuff you want me gone that bad?" Justin complains

"You know thats not true. But Justin this should be good for you. You need a break and some time to live like a normal kid for a change!" Patty explains

"Mom thats just it, I'm not normal! I was born to be somebody remember" he stops her from throwing anything else in the suitcase, she pauses to look at him.

"Sweetie you already are somebody, and this is for your own good" she responds her answer final.

He sighs and plops down on his bed.

"Well what about Selena? I'm just supposed to get up and go without telling know she's coming over today right" Justin argues

"Uh..Yeah. It's not my fault you two couldn't keep your private moments private Justin. It's called public decency..are you tring to become a teen dad? That would be alot worse..But it is my fault for allowing your life to become so out of control" she answers.

"You remember the rules right?" Patty adds

"Yes.." Justin complains annoyed "My name is Drew and I'm not allowed to draw attention to myself.. call or talk to anyone here in L.A. except for you.. always wear my wig, braces, and contacts when I'm out in public..-"

"AND enjoy yourself! Remember I'm doing this because I love you. But if I so much as catch you tweeting once, I will cancel your entire tour and you will not be returning." Patty finishes.

"Yeah I know...sending me to die in complete solitude sounds alot like love. I don't get it, is this a punishment or vacation?" he responds.

"You know what..BOTH" she smiles.

Then the doorbell rings.. "Now remember, do not tell Selena anything" Patty lectures and Justin rolls his eyes as he gets up to get the door.

"I mean it Justin!" Patty calls after him.

(Got bored lets see where this goes lol..)

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