You know the Dancing Queen? Well, I'm the Pranking Queen --Fred Weasley Love Story

I thought of this and needed to write.

Name: Madison "Madi" Malone
Appearance: Tall, reddish brown shoulder-length hair, misty green eyes, and athletic.
Animagus: Ginger cat
Other crap XD: From America but sent to live with her aunt in England. Often will speak Norwegian or German.

The Norwegian or German I say, look it up on Google Translate.
Feel free to add tags! I suck at it so yeah.

I orginally had it as a George Weasley love story but I changed it to Fred.

Chapter 1

Good Morning England

It's not my fault I got expelled. It's not my fault that the stupid headmaster wasn't amused by my pranks. And it certainly isn't my fault that I'm going to some British school called Hogwarts. So what if I played a tiny prank while on probation? The whole school loved it. Well, almost the whole school. Headmaster Barr wasn't very amused. "Madison Malone, you are expelled from Fischer's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," were the last words the headmasters ever said to me. Thanks to his lack of sense of humor, I'm on a plane ride to England. I'm meeting my aunt Addie at the airport. We're supposed to go to this pub called the Leaky Caldron(sp). "Madison!"Aunt Addie called once I got off the plane. "Hi Aunt Addie!" I screamed and ran into her open arms for a hug. "How was your plane ride?" she asked. I looked around and spotted the guy I sat next to and said,"Fine but the guy I sat by gjorde det forferdelig." We went over to the luggage claiming place. "Uf da!" I mumbled as I grabbed my suitcase. The car ride was fairly boring. I just stared at the world passing before me. "Look! There's Abbey Road!" I exclaimed. Me being a huge Beatles' fan, I would reconize Abbey Road(recording studio) anywhere. "And here's the Leaky Caldron!" Aunt Addie announced once we arrived. It seemed like nobody else could see it but us. Aunt Addie lead me through the front door and left to get my suitcase. "I already got all of your things. They're upstairs. You leave tomorrow," Aunt Addie said, coming up behind me. "You should get some rest," she suggested. I agreed and went up to my room. I streched out on the bed. "I hope that this headmaster can take a joke. Tomorrow, I'm gonna figure out who the pranksters around here are," I mumbled to myself. "Madison! Come down here for a minuet!" my aunt called. I hopped off the bed and came downstairs. "Madi, this is Tom." she introdused. "Hi," I mumbled. "You look so much like your mother!" Tom said. I have her long red hair and misty green eyes, just like my mother. Technically, like Aunt Addie, too. Mom and Aunt Addie are twins but Aunt Addie always says that I got my looks from her. I defiately(sp) got my personality from her. She taught me how to get away with pranks and some of her favorites that I pulled at my old school. She also taught me some spells(that's discouaged(sp) to do in school) to do to people who you may not be too fond of. "Now Madi, don't do anything too distructive tomorrow," Aunt Addie warned. "Of course I wouldn't do anything ''too'' distructive!" She winked at me and said, "That's my girl!" I lazily dragged my legs back upstairs to my room. I flopped down on the bed. My eyelids weighted a ton. Before I knew it, I heard Aunt Addie banging on my door screaming, "Madison wake up!" My eyes flung open. I threw on a grey t-shirt and some jeans, and I put my messy hair in a pony tail. "Gooooood moorning Englaaaaaaanndd!" said the radio show host(I got it from Good Morning Vietnam) We got to the train station. It was a perfect day. Sun shining high in the cloudless sky. "Sorry, but I have to go. Don't cause too much trouble! Bye Madison," Aunt Addie said. I walked around a little bit. How am I supposed to get to Platform 9 3/4, anyway? I spotted someone with a trunk like mine. "Excuse me! Do you know how to get to Platform 9 3/4?" I asked. "Yeah. I'm Lee Jordan, by the way," the guy said. "I'm Madi Malone. So, uhhhh, how do you get on the platform?" "Oh right! You just run into that wall," he said casually. My eyes widen. "Its easier than it sounds," Lee added quickly. "Ok," I said in a shakey voice. "Thanks!" I ran at the brick wall. I waited to hit and.....nothing. I put my luggage in the luggage compartment(I don't know what to call it) and searched for a compartment. I found a derserted compartment. I glanced around and thought it'd be ok if I turned into a cat. Three red-heads appeared at the door. Two were obviously twins. "Hey, its a cat," the shortest of the three pointed out. "Oh really Ron? We thought it was a cow," one of the twins said very sarcastically. I hopped down and curled myself around the silent twin's leg. The guy called Ron tried to pet me but I hissed and clawed at him. "Bad kitty!" Ron said. I shot him my what-is-wrong-with-you look. Then I relized I was still a cat. They slowly back away. I turned back into myself and glanced out the door. "Crap!" I exclaimed. I turned Ron into a toad. I dashed back into my compartment. "Aunt Addie! You said that would turn them into a rat!" The two twins rushed into my compartment. "Why did you turn our brother into a toad?!" one demanded. "Hello to you too," I said kinda annoyed. "Ok ok. Would you believe if I said I didn't mean to?" I asked hopefully. "No," they said at the same time. "Dang! Lemme come up with another lie real fast. Uhhh," I said sarcastically. I pretended to think and rub my chin. I failed at trying to keep a straight face. "Ok. I'll tell why I turned your brother into a toad if you two will stop yelling at me and tell me who y'all are. Deal?" They nodded. "I'm Fred." "and I'm George," they said. "I didn't mean to turn your brother into a toad, like I said before. My aunt said that that spell would turn him into a rat," I explained. "Then why did you want to turn our brother into a rat?" George asked. "I wanted to turn someone into something. I saw him and the first thing that came to mind was a rat. I also turned some kid into a feret." We spent the rest of the train ride talking about past and future pranks.

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