Misunderstanding all you see

this is a beatles story. it's a dream based plot. all based on songs. it's kinda trippy and weird, but not really random (it's more like a yellow sub kinda thing and not like MMT) sorry if it's not my best work :/
John~I Am The Walrus
Paul~ Penny Lane
George~ Blue Jay Way
Ringo~ Octopus's Garden

Chapter 1


It started out as any otehr day at Abbey Road Studios. Just like clock work The Beatles were in studio 3 recording yet another album. They come in everyday at eleven in the morning and are there well after midnight. Mr. McCartney or 'Punctal Pau' as the others like to call him, is the first one to arrive. He sits down at the piano to write hopefully another number one hit.

Ringo comes in next and sets up his ludwig drum kit, and occasionally takes a shot at writing a song. George arrived third and plucks at his guitar, trying to beat out Lennon and McCartney as a writer. Finally, John or 'Late Lennon' shows up at least an hour late.
"Look who finally made it!" Paul says as John strolls in.
"Well I need my beauty sleep Paulie. You should try it sometime!" John jokes.
"Aw, bugger off Lennon" Paul says with a laugh.
"Maybe a bit more wouldn't hurt Johnny" Ringo adds to the joke.
"Watch it Starr" John play warns.
"Now come on ladies, lets not start a cat fight" George laughs.
"Ok Geo. Then what to you suppose we do?" Ringo asks.
"How about record a new album?" The Beatles' manager, Brian, says as he walks into the studio.
"Aw do we have to?" Paul whines.
"Yes you do. Now get to work you lot" Brian instructs.

John, Paul, George, and Ringo get to recording and are locked into studio 3 until 1 in the morning.
"can we go home now?" George complains.
"Yeah I got blisters on my fingers!" Ringo adds.
"Just one more song lads" george Martin tells them.
"Can we take a break at least?" JOhn begs.
"Fine. 15 minuets" George M. tells them.
"Can we get some tea or something?" Paul requests.
"Ok, I'll get an intern to get it. They might as well do something usefull" Martin says into the microphone in the sound booth.

As they wait for their tea, The Beatles are about to pass out on top of their instruments. Just before they doze off, an intern with a nervous smile comes in with 4 cups of tea.
"Finally!" John exclaims as the intern places the tray on a small tabel.
"Hi, I'm Fred" he says nervously.
"well thanks for the tea" Ringo says cheerfully behind his groginess
"Your welcome. Well have a good night Mr. Beatles" Fred says with a nervous laugh, and with that he leaves.
"That kid seemed very nervous" George says.
"Well so are most people when they meet us. . Not to sound arrogant or anything but it's true" Paul says. George nods his head and sips his tea.
"Does the tea taste funny to you guys?" Ringo asks after taking a few sips.
"Hmm. Yeah must be a chinese tea or something. They must have run out of black tea in the loung"John responds. The other Beatles shrug their shoulders and go back to sipping.
"Ok lads, back to work" Brian says as he walks back into the studio.
"Aw fine" they all say and return to their instruments.
"Ok lads 1 2 3 4" Ringo counts and then taps lightly on his cymbal.
"Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry fields" John begins to sing "nothing is... uh misunderstanding real strawberries for ever" John mumbles
"Cut!" george M. yells into the microphone in the sound booth "Again"
"wait guys!" George hollars "why is everything so greeen?" he asks with squinted eyes.
"Was there a dog in here just now? I'm sure there was a dog in here" Paul says
"Yes, you join the others" Ringo says as he flings pieces of paper into the air.
"Lads! I taste clowns!" John shouts
"Oh I taste it too!" Paul laughs.
After gigiling for hours the Beatles fall into a deep sleep.

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