A Poem

Chapter 1


Passing by, I am never seen.
Talking, I am never heard.
You all never see me, it seams so mean.
I want to be free, like a happy bird.

Forgotten forever, story of my life
But still it beckons me, the peaceful knife.
I want to be heard, to fight for what's right.
Can you hear me when I yell?
If I walked right in front of you, could you tell?

I want you to see
The me
I want to be.

I want you to hear
The fear
I hold dear.

I am forgotten, forever alone.
I want to scream out and cry.
But if I did would any of you try?
Try to make it better?
I don't want to be here alone with my thoughts.
They torment me, and here I rot.
Because the monsters in my head.
They don't want me here, they want me dead.

So here I sit.
Just a person to forget,
Wondering when I am finally eaten away.
Will you celebrate the day?
I don't know why they hate me so.
The people that aren't really there, just the ghosts.
The things I dream up when I'm alone.
But not really. I can hear them moan.
To go away and die, telling me I'm already forgotten.
So here I sit with the tormentors that aren't there.
Because I was already forgotten by the rest of the world.

Sometimes they scare me,
And sometimes the hurt me.
But they just laugh and burn me,
Hoping that it will kill me.

But I'm already dying on the inside.
Will I always be forgotten,
Alone with my demons?

I sit here in my corner as they mock me.
I wish one day they will leave me be.
I hope that one day you will remember.
Before the demons have me dismembered.

But I am a forgotten person. One that you will never hear.


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