A Poem

Chapter 1


Trust is something I do not have,
And trust is something you will never earn.
The lies that you tell, the skin that you burn.
All the lies, but now it's you're turn.

You lied and you stole,
My hear; Not there, only a hole.
A hole that you burned into me.
All the things I love, the person I wish to be.
Not mine, not me.
You took those things away, can't you see?

This is my life but you made it you're own.
Though the lies, my blood, and their bone.
I wanted to trust you, I wanted you're love.
Now I just want to be free, fly away like a dove.

Because all you ever did was cheat and lie.
Now I just want you to go away, hope that you die.
I used to trust you, I used to believe.
You're just going to walk away? Just leave?
Stay and fight, can't you trust yourself?
Or do I need to fight my own self?

See, you can't even trust the one person that will always be there,

All of the lies you told.
To me, to them, even yourself.
To be honest it's getting old.
Stop lying, stop betraying.
Stop all the unnecessary things you do.

Trust is something everyone should have.
But it is rare and something hard to grab.
Trust is something people miss use.
And it is something you all abuse.
Trust is something that you will never get.
And it is something I will never let
you have.

Trust is fleeting,
And trust is rare.
Trust is bleeding,
My heart to bare.

Trust is something that I will never have.


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