To think it all started with a prank... (A Fred Weasley love story)

I've always wanted to make one of these!!! :) he he. Let me know if you like the story, fair warning the main character isn't an innocent little girl with a crush. There will be dirty parts, sad and scary parts. You'll want to laugh, cry, and you'll be messaging me like WTF?!?!?! lol.

Chapter 3

A new guardian

Remus' pov-

"What will become of the girl Albus?" I asked, now sitting down by the fireplace in a squishy arm chair.

"I was hoping you would yell me. Your an expert are you not?" He said."What do you think would be best for a young werewolf?"

I opened my mouth to answer, but realized I didn't have one. I tried again.
"All I wanted was a normal life, it's a burden to have a curse like this once a month. But I was lucky I had great friends. We can't shut her away from the world."

"I wasn't planning to, I knew that she would go to Hogwarts. What I meant to ask was, who will become her guardian?" he raised his brows, awaiting an answer. When I said nothing, he spoke again. "I do believe she will need someone who can understand her in her rebellious teenage years. One who has, as the kids put it 'been there and done that'." his gaze became softer.

"You're suggesting I take Alexandria into my home?" I asked, and Albus nodded. "I can barely care for myself Professor, not to mention a teenage girl. I have no money, my job as an auror barely brings enough food on the table. Not to mention my condition, if anything the two of us together would end up with either of us kiling the other or... worse. She's a young girl."

He nodded. "But maybe that's why she needs you now, Remus. Your wisdom, your knowledge, courage and bravery. She needs someone to help her along the way. Remus she needs you right now. Please."

I looked at the old man sitting near the fireplace, halfmoon spectacles on his crooked nose. "Headmaster..." I started to argue. "Alright. Alright, I'll look after the girl. She'll be going to Hogwarts, yes?" Albus nodded. "And Alexandria will be fully under my custody?"

"Until she turns seventeen Remus, then you can send her on her way." I nodded.

Alexandria's POV~

I awoke on the comfy, soft bed and felt someone staring at me. I peeked through my curly black hair and saw that it was Tonks... with a duck beak. This immediately freaked me out and I jumped up out of bed and took a closer look at her face.

"H-how'd you do that? I havn't read about a potion that can tranform someone's face like this! Was it a bad case of polyjuice?" I asked, and she looked at me for a second and then started busting up laughing at me. When she saw that I was serious, she laughed harder.

"What's so funny?" I asked, still groggy and my arm was burning.

"I'm a metamorphagus, I can change my appearance upon my will." she smiled and closed her eyes for a second, her bubble gum pink hair turned lime green, then electric blue, highlighter yellow and then back to pink. My jaw dropped.

"That is so cool! Can you do that to me? I hate my black hair." I said, and she frowned a little bit.

"No, I'm sorry sweetie. I can only change my own appearances, sorry." she said, and I felt my face fall. "Hey, do you want something to eat? You know what, I'm going to make you something special. Right now, come down with me to the kitchen." She held out her hand for the second time. I hesitated, but reluctantly took it. She opened the door and led me down a few flights of stairs and through a door on the left. Inside was a large kitchen, with a really long table. Big enough to fit about 20 people in it.

"Any requests before I make anything?" she asked before opening the fridge.

"Can I have some toast?" I asked. I loved toast, mother never made it for me. I'd have to find a way to make it myself when I was younger.

"Toast? You're kidding right?" she asked.

"It's my absolute favorite! I hardly ever had any toast when I was living with mother." I said, even thought she wasn't a real mother to me I couldn't bring myself to call her Bellatrix. I didn't want to be an orphan.

"How about something better. I can make you French toast! That was my favorite breakfast when I was younger. It'll only take a few minutes, Alex."


"Oh, did you want to be called Alexandria? I could call you that if you want." she fussed, almost dropping the eggs.

"No no! I like it. Alex." I whispered my new name to myself. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Tonks smiling and cracking eggs into a bowl.

~10 minutes later~

"Oh my god, I love this." I said. I eagerly cut another piece of the so called French toast and dipped it in syrup. I could literally feel the drool ooze out of my mouth as I hoarked the rest of the toast down my throat. In the nxt minute, I finished the two slices of toast she had made me. I looked down at my empty plate and back up at Tonks.

"Could I have just another piece of French toast?" I asked sheepishly. She smiled and pulled a piece off her plate and placed it on mine. "Thank you Tonks!" I smiled and it was shoved down my throat in two bites. She just stared at me trying to restrain her laughter.

"What?" I inspected myself and realized why she was trying so hard not to laugh. I made a complete utter mess of myself, I had sticky syrup all over my face shirt and pants. "Aww. This was my only set of clothes!" i grabbed a napkin and furiously began trying to scrub the sticky substance off my onlt shirt.

"Do you want me to wash that for you? I'm sure I can find a new set of clothes for you some where in this house."

"Really? Thank you so much!" I grinned and for some reason, wanted to give her a hug. I resisted the urge, and remained quietly in my seat. I'm still a prisoner here. Even if it doesn't feel like one right now.

"Of course." she got up and quickly cast a spell on the windows, making sure I couldn't break out of them. "Not that I think you'll escape, but Madeye would have my head." she winked and walked out the door, but not before tripping over the carpet.

It seemed right after Tonks had left that Remus came in, and smiled a small smile before sitting down across the table from me.

"I see Tonks made you breakfast." he said, and grinned sheepishly.

"She's an excellent cook, really. You're really lucky." I said, and he looked confused.

"How am I lucky?" he asked.

"Aren't you and Tonk's a thing?" I asked, raising a sticky eyebrow. Don't ask me how I got syrup on my eyebrow, it just kinda happened.

"No? Why would you think that?" he asked, looking dumbfounded.

"The way you two always seem to be together." I said, but shortly realized after that I had only known the two for barely 24 hours. "It's just the aura you two put off when your together in my cell, it's the most affection I've felt since Cara." I choked out the name.

"How long ago was it? That you began shifting?" he asked.

"Does it matter?" I asked playing with the left over syrup on my plate, drawing patterns in it with my fork.

"Just merely curious. I began shifting right after my first year." he said. My head snapped up and I looked at him cautiously.

"You too?" I asked incredulously, I bent the fork in my hand in half. He nodded. "So those scars aren't... battle scars?" I asked.

"No, they all come from the full moon." he said matter-of-factly.

"And they haven't tortured you for it?!" he shook his head no violently.

"No, Professor Dumbledore does not allow that kind of behavior especially in the Order or at Hogwarts. Speaking of, since it's now August 18th, there is exactly 14 days until you go to Hogwarts." he said seriously.

"I can go to Hogwarts? But what if I attack somebody! What if someone get's seriously injured and I'm expelled. What if I make someone a werewolf too!" I kept throwing what ifs at him until he raised his hand as to silence me. I immediately shut up.

"All of those things can happen, unless your prepared and know how to handle the situation. First, you have to know days in advance when the full moon will be. Second there is a wolfsbane potion that you can take that will keep you from transforming, but you'll still be pretty pissed off. It's like PMS, but you'll have to go throught the mood swings twice." he explained.

"/Twice???/ I'm not sure I want to go through it once!" I said, and he laughed. His whole face lit up like a christmas tree. "Funny how you think I'm kidding." I mumbled under my breath.

"You'll also be staying at my house." he said, and my stomach churned. "I understand if you want to stay at Hogwarts during the holidays, but during Summer you'll be spending it at my house." I nodded.

"But what if we end up killing eachother?"

"Again, we'll have to use precautions. If you think about it, it's only twelve times a year that you have to worry about it."

"Not for me, I have to worry about it twenty four times." I cringed at the thought.

"So we leave today, and I'm sure Tonks should be back with some clothes for you soon. We'll depart around lunch time." he said, and I nodded. He left the kitchen and I desperately tried to wash the syrup out of my hair.

Behind me I heard the door open and close.

"You do realize that there's a bathroom you can wash up in on the second floor do you?" I heard a gruff voice say. I turned around and saw Madeye standing there just beyond the doorway.

"I-I'm sorry sir, I'll be on my way." I rung out my hair quickly and put my plate in the sink. I tried to sneek past him and hope for no more conversation.

"Your not squirming out that easily. Sit." he pulled out a chair. I quickly sat down and tried to avoid his gaze. "I wanted to apologize. I shouldn't have racked your brain like that, even if you were the prisoner."

"/Were/? Like as in, not the prisoner anymore?" I asked confused.

"Lupin's adopting you aint he?" his blue eye swivled around in it's socket.

"Lupin? Who's-"

"Remus. Remus Lupin is adopting you." he cut me off.

"He is? I thought I was just moving from one cell to another." I said innocently.

"No, your going to attend Hogwarts and stay at Lupin's house until your 17. Got it?" he said gruffly. I nodded, I'm not one to show much affection, every time I tried I would be shut down by my mother. Or tortured.

"Thank you very much Mr. Moody." I said, "Am I excused?"

His lips curled up into a small smile and he said, "Excused." I saluted and marche out of the kitchen and took a right and up the stairs. Second floor he said? I looked around opening door after door and finally found the bathroom. A clean bathroom. I was in heaven. I never had seen a bathroom this clean before!!!

I still needed clothes to change into. I looked around for Tonks for a little while, and finally found her talking to Remus. She had a stack of folded clothes in her hand with a pair of socks. I ran into the room and shrieked when I looked at the socks.

"I love you!!!" I said and took the socks and ran back to the bathroom. I sat on the counter mesmerized my how clean they smelled. I unfolded them and felt the inside, it was so soft!!!

"Alex! Wait, where are you?! You can't go around wearing just socks!" she barged into the bathroom. She raised an eyebrow when she saw me sitting cross legged on the counter inspecting the socks. "Well, I think I'll uh cough leave you to whatever it is that your doing. Here are your clothes, I do hope you like them." She set the stack of clothes on the counter next to me and closed the door rather quickly, a smile on her face. I heard her cracking up on the other side of the door.

"I can still hear you!" I called out to her. She just jaughed harder.

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