How did this happen?? (a Draco Malfoy love story)

hey!! this is my first story so tell me how it goes!!

name: Breanna Nicole Summers (friends call her bree)
blood status: pure-blood (summers family competes with malfoys on purest blood line)
family: Sarah(mom), Matthew(dad)
house: u'll see

Chapter 1

Home Sweet Home...Who are you??

I had just came home from a long trip home from the Durmstrang Institute. Yes, my parents sent me off to Durmstrangs to "toughen" me up, and yes it is a school for guys, so my parents tried to bribe them... But that didnt work for them, and I got in another way... Lets just say I have a very powerful and rich pure-blood family.. Hold up a sec... I havent introduced myself(: .. I am Breannna Nicole Summers. I have earthy green/golden hazel eyes, and brown hair a bit beyond my shoulders. I'm a pureblood and an animagus. I can turn into a snake, which also means I can speak parseltongue. I am also a metamorphmagus(sp?) but I prefer not many people knowing just in case i may need it to do some...spying(; Anyways back to my story... I just got back home and went straight upstairs to my room and flopped right on my bed. Tomorrow is the first day of Hogwarts for me, I thought, I can't wait to be in a normal school once again, with girls and drama. I'll be in my 4th year. I wonder what house I'll be in...and with that thought, I fell into a deep sleep.
[ I was walking down a dark corridor, and entered a room with a single arm chair facing a lit fire place. Then a cold raspy voice spoke, "Ahh, Breanna my darling! You have finally made it! Wormtail, please conjure a chair for my guest!"
Then a rather plump man that strangely resembled a rat came out of the shadows and said, "Y-y-yes, m-my Lord." He then made a chair appear.
Pleaseee come sit Missss Sssummerssss," the cold, raspy voice said. I hesitated, but thought it was best not to argue, so I reluctantly sat. There was a strange little baby looking thing in the chair across from me that was wrapped in blankets. It then said, "I've waited a long time to see you again. Last I saw you, you were a mere child. But I observed special talents you had."
I spoke next, "Excuse me Mr., but how do you know me?"
He replied, "Your parents are...close friends of mine I shall say."
"You knew my parents? But how? With all due respect but you are in a form of a baby..."
"Well I, Miss Summers, am Lord Voldemort. You see, when that ignorant Potter boy burned me 3 years ago, I was just a small little soul. But I've evolved with the help of my follower, here, Wormtail. Soon I will come back to power and become a being again. But back to why you are here... Your parents have told me you are an animagus and a metamorphmagus?"
"Yes, sir. I can turn into a snake, and also can change my appearance to anything I'd like to."
"Wonderful, that must mean you can understand this, (Parseltongue){Hello, how are you?}"
"{Yesss, I'm great.}"
"Wonderful! Now your parents also have told me, you are highly trained in Legilimency and Occlumency?"
"Yes, sir."
"You are going to be a very powerful person! I've also heard you can manipulate people when you want to, and put thoughts in their mind?"
"Y-yes sir.." I said a bit freaked out now... How did he know this much about me? Was it my parents?
"Great, well I will see you in person shortly. Have a good nights rest."
And with that everything went black...]

I woke with a jump and looked over at my alarm clock. It was 7:29 AM. Perfect timing I thought to myself. That was such a realistic dream... Then my alarm clock went off. I shut it up and started getting ready. I put an enlargment charm on my trunk and then neatly hung all my clothes in it with magic. Gosh I love magic I thought to myself and smiled. The inside of my trunk was the size of my walk in closet. I looked at my clock again and saw that it was already 8:45 AM. Damn, I guess time flies when you're using magic! I then bushed my teeth, washed my face. I curled my hair, put on my mascara and eyeshadow and decided i was going to wear my black folded capri jeans with an emerald green tank top, and a leather jacket. I put on my full black Vans and packed my stuff I needed to bring, besides my clothes. I chose to bring my time stopper, and some pranking stuff for some fun, and a lot of money. Then i charmed my trunk, and bags, to follow me downstairs. Jeez, it was already 9:30. I was greeted by my parents and they gave me a backpack with all my school stuff that they'd already bought. Our house elves made my parents bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast. But since I was a vegetarian they made me my favorite fruit parfait, and toast. We ate, and soon it was time to leave. We got into our limo, and drove off to King's Cross. When we got there, my parents spotted their friends and introduce me. "Ah! Lucius! Narcissa! So nice to see you again!" my father said.
"Long time no see! You look great!" the man named Lucius said.
"Oh my! This must be Breanna!" Narcissa exclaimed.
My mom replied, "Yes Breanna honey, say hello to the Malfoys! This is Lucius and Narcissa! They have a son your age, maybe he can show you around!
"Yes I am sure he would love to! He's already on the train though. His name is Draco. Oh wow, Breanna, you have grown into a beautiful young women, tough too after the Dark-- I mean your parents sent you to Durmstrangs." Narcissa said.
I found my most respectful voice and said, "Why thanks you Mrs. Malfoy! It's wonderful meeting you, but I believe the train is getting ready to leave. I am sure I will see you around! See you soon!" And with that I kissed my parents good-bye, shook Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy's hands and I was off. I boarded the train ready for my new adventure about to begin...

Author's Note: Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment! Constructive criticism is great, but please no harsh comments(: I'll happily reply to any questions or messages sent to me!

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