Three Simple Words-Hogwart Love Story

Three Simple Words-Hogwart Love Story

"I love you." He whispered. I looked up at him in surprise,"Y-you what?" His finger lifted my chin and crushed his lips against mine. I couldn't help,but smile under the kiss. When he pulled away we were both breathing heavily,"Cassidy Marie Stone I love you." I grinned,"And I love you _______"

Chapter 1

Fred and George Weasley

by: Jazzy247
(The picture is Cassi)
I woke up to my husky,Charmer licking my face. I couldn't help,but laugh as I pushed him off me.
"Now now,Charm." I said.
Charmer gave me the puppy dog eyes,then ran out of the room. I rolled my eyes and ran into my own bathroom. I groaned as I stared at my bed head. I reached for my wand about to do a spell to fix my hair,but then realized I'm only 14.I once again groaned as I put my wand back down. Stupid ministry. Stupid rules. I normally never follow the rules,but since if I broke THIS rule i'd be susbended,get my wand taken away, and I would never get to see my best friends,Fred and George Weasley,Ron Weasley,Harry Potter,Hermione Granger,Ginny Weasley,Seamus Finnigan,Dean Thomas,and Neville Longbottom. Ronald Weasley was my most bestest friend in the world along with Fred and George. Those three acted as if I was a sister to them. Ginny well she was my girl best friend along with Hermione Granger. I opened a cabinet and took out my purple brush.
I gave it the death glare,"Alright brush we can do this the hard way or the easy way."
The brush didn't answer though I knew it wouldn't. I could imagine Fred and George behind me laughing hysterically calling me crazy. Which I have to admitt I kind of was. But in a good way!Not in a like Loony Lovegood way. Who I have no problem against. I mean I never call her Loony Lovegood...............not to her face anyway,but I still stick up for her when that evil prat Draco Malfoy bullies her. Once in 2nd year I punched Draco for calling Hermione a mudblood. Yeah if you mess with my friends then you'll have to pay the price. Anyhoo I brushed my hair yelping everytime it brushed threw a naught. After a while of having a war with the brush I brushed my teeth. I then put on a purple tank-top,black skinny jeans, a white sweat-shirt, and converse on. When I finished getting ready I smiled at myself. I had soft,silky long wavy brown hair that went up to my waist,I had bright,bright blue eyes well some people say their turqiouse,I was tall,but compared to Ron,Harry,Fred,George, or any of the guys I was short. I ran out of the bathroom singing,"QIUDDITCH CUP TODAY!!!" as I did. I happily skipped down the stairs the smell of eggs and bacon filling my nose. I walked into the kitchen where my older sister,Izzy and her boyfriend,Zach was. Yeah I live with them because when I was young my father killed my mother. He turned out to be a death eater. I have three brothers also,William A.K.A Will who is 22 and lives in an apartment,Ben who is 19 and graduated Hogwarts 2 years ago. I'm not sure where he lives,but he works as a muggle dentist. Last,but not least,Greg who is 20 and just got his own apartment. Izzy is 22 she's twins with Will she works as an auror along with her boyfriend or should I say fiance,Zach. I live with them in their two story house.
"Cassi,Fred,George, and Ron will be here soon.Well i'm not sure in Fred's note it confused me. Here read it." Izzy announced handing me a piece of parchment. I opened it up and instantly realized the horrible hand writting was from Fred. I read:
Dear Cassi,
Are you ready for some Quidditch?!I know I am!By the way you're owl kind of scares me. She like bit me 15 times after a war with her she finally decided to let me tie the letter to her leg. Instead of Twix you should have named her Bitey!I know it's a lame name,but still it suits her!Anyway me,George, and Ron are coming in an hour or two to pick you up!Well maybe not and George plaid a prank on him this morning.
You're awesome best mate,Fred Weasley
Ps:Really you should change twix's name to Bitey.

I laughed at the letter as I put it down.
"When did this get here?" I asked Izzy.
Izzy shrugged,"8 in the morning. Want some bacon and eggs?"
"Yeah sure," I looked over at the clock,"It's 9:30 am!!"
"Yes,yes it is,Cassidy." Zach chuckled,"Did you finally realize how to read the clock?"
I stuck my tonge out at Zach and he gladly did the same. Izzy rolled her eyes,"Enough you two!!"
"She started it!" Zach exclaimed.
I raised my eyebrow at Zach,"You're such a child,Zach."
"Like you?" Zach shot back.
I shrugged,"Maybe," Or "Maybe not." I then changed my appearence changing into Zach. Same shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, hieght. I'm metamorphmagus which really comes in handy sometimes.
I looked over at Zach and said in his same exact voice,"You are a child,Zach."
"Stop that!" Zach yelled,"It's weird."
I laughed as I turned back to me,Izzy was smiling trying not to laugh, and Zach was glaring at me.
"I hate it when you do that." He said.
I smiled sweetly at him,"Maybe that's why I do it!"
I love Zach (Like a brother/Father) and he loves me (Like a sister/daughter),but we like to tease,prank, and annoy each other. It drives Izzy nuts!
"Here eat fast Fred,George, and maybe Ron will be here soon." Izzy demanded as she put bacon,eggs, and orange juice in front of my face.
"Thank you,Izzy!" I exclaimed. I picked up my fork and picked up a piece of scrambled egg,but before I could put it in my mouth there was a loud crash.
Izzy jumped,"What was that!!"
I smirked and muttered,"Fred and George."
"Wow look at her house." I heard a voice say probably Fred.
"Very facy very fancy."
"Do you think Cassi ever broke one of those vases?"
I laughed and looked at Izzy and whispered,"Don't make a sound i'm going to look like you and scare them."
Izzy rolled her eyes and Zach laughed,"She just like me!"
"Fine." Izzy mumbled. I smirked as I changed into Izzy. Which was really no different from my features. Same eyes, almost same voice,but my hair was wavy and long and her hair was straight and short. That was really the only diffrence between us. I winked at Izzy who was rolling her eyes at me before walking into the living room. I put my hands on my waist and put my best impression of Izzy on.
Fred and George jumped and looked at me.
"Uh-um-oh-uh.......sorry?" Fred stuttered.
"SORRY?YOU RUINED IT!!!YOU FILTHY LITTLE PRATS!!!" I heard Zach chuckle from the kitchen and whispered,"She's a good actress."
"We are really,really sorry." George gulped.
"I-is Cassi here?" Fred asked looking away from me.
I laughed,"You guys are so gualable." I said as I changed back into myself.
"CASSI!!!" They both yelled in unsion.
"You guys totally believed me!!" I laughed more,"Uh-Um-Oh-Uh......sorry?"
Fred glared at me,"That was NOT funny."
"Aw c'mon and give me a hug." I ordered smiling and opening my arms.
George and Fred rolled there eyes as they crushed me into a big bear hug.
"C'mon Ron's waiting for you. So is Harry." Fred and George said in unsion. They then brought me to the fire place handing me floo powder,"Ladies First."
I smirked,"Why thank you," I threw the powder on the ground and screamed,"THE BURROW!!!"
I then was spinning in circles really,really fast. I was getting dizzy so dizzy I almost threw up. I then landed on the ground with a Thud. But the ground wasn't that hard as you expected. Well then I realized I was ontop of someone.
I looked down and saw Harry.
"Hey." I greeted him happily.
"Uh,Cassi?" Harry asked.
"Yes?" I replied.
"As much as I enjoy you on top of me could you get off of me?" He asked smirking.
I smiled,"I don't think I want to."
"Awwww,but Cass!!" Harry whined.
"Not untill you say sorry." I demanded.
Harry looked confused,"For what?"
"Not saying hi to me."
Harry rolled his emerald green eyes,"Fine. I'm sorry,Cassidy for not saying hello."
"There you go." I then got off of him.........................................................................

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