The Superstar Netxt Door

The Superstar Netxt Door

Heyy my name is Alexis Rose and im 13. Let me just tell you today is my lucky day. I can just tell.

Hope u guys enjoy plz comment and rate !!!!!

Chapter 1

The Neighbors

Today is just another boring day; well school and the same old things to do. Right now I'm walking hom and all l can see a is moving truck in the next door parking lot. I just wonder what ugly family it is now. I know l sound mean right now but its true. Most of all the families that live in my neighborhood is ugly and l'm sorry for speaking the truth. l sat on my porch and just waited to see who comes out of the truck. l can't belive it. lt was a normal and decaint people. There was a mom, dad, a son that was my age, and a daugher that is younger then me.

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