Ghosts (MJ Love and Scary Story)

Ghosts (MJ Love and Scary Story)

Chapter 1

The Man In the Old Mansion

The large, red, full moon slowly rose in the sky. It hid behind the mansion on the hill. The mansion had no occupants in it since a few years ago, when the whole family disappeared. No one knows the whole story. We don't know if they just left or what.
Well, thats what they thought, that it wasnt occupied. All the kids in the neighborhood would go there during the day, and spend the rest of the day there. The families of the neighborhood would wonder what had peaked their interest in the old house.
Some of the people wouldn't go near it. They feared it. They believed it was cursed.
One person named Raquel, had gone up there to see why the kids were drawn to it. When she came back her hair stood on end and she never discussed what she saw there.
I was babysitting my closest friends child, Karen. Her mother told me that she had gone up to the mansion with her friends.
I walked through the old metal gates that squeaked as the wind gently pushed them. Dead trees reached their bare limbs out to me as if to grab me. There was no green here. The moon was halfway over the mansion giving it an eerie look. Stone lions stood, gazing at nothing. Their mouths opened in a snarl. I had to admit it was a little creepy here at night. Expecting every shadow pull me into the darkness, never again to see the light of day. I could see why people didn't want their kids hanging around here at night.
Tree roots stuck out of the ground like skeletons hands reaching for the surface. Tripping me as I walked down the curvy pathway. The mansion loomed over me, almost something out of a horror movie.
The walkway led me to the massive front door. I cautiously opened the door and stepped inside. The stairways were lined with cobwebs. What once had been colorful was now gray and dull. Years of dust had settled on the stairs and tables and the floor. Hundred of small footprints of the children led all to one direction. The door creaked shut, causing an echo down the empty abandoned hallways.
I shivered as something cold passed through me. I rubbed my hands on my arms as I followed the footprints to another long hallway. At the end was two closed double doors. This place looks bigger inside than outside. I thought.
I was captured by the awe of this place. Even though it was old and in desperate need of cleaning, it still held some of its beauty.
Old paintings of unsmiling people hung on the walls. Their eyes seemed to follow me as I walked. It was a little eerie.
I heard laughing of the children and beautiful singing as I neared the doors. I pushed open the heavy doors to see the children in what look liked a ball room. The floor was tiled and captured the moonlight.
I looked around the room, then at the kids who were staring at me. I spotted Karen in the center of the kids. She smiled at me and waved. She got up and grabbed my hand.
"You're not here to take me away, are you?" she asked in her seven year old voice.
I smiled down in her wide blue eyes.
"Of course not." I said.
I looked around the room but the only people that occupied the room was the children. I frowned.
"Who was just singing?" I asked her confused.
The music I heard, the kids couldn't have pulled off. It was beautiful almost haunting as it echoed throughout the house.
Karen looked back at her friends and hesitated.
"Are you sure your not here to take me away?" she asked again uncertain of my facial expressions.
"No I am not." I said again. "Not until its time for bed." I smiled.
"Well, last time Jared's mom came here and she saw him, the man you heard, and she started yelling at him and threatened him. Then, he scared her and she hasn't come back since." she said.
She was talking about Raquel.
"What man?" I asked looking around the room.
"The one behind you." she said simply.
I turned around and about jumped out of my skin. He was wearing a white loose shirt and black pants. His hair fell over his face. He was smiling at me, his chocolate brown eyes gazing into mine.
"Did I scare you?" he smiled expectantly.
I didn't break his gaze as I held up my fingers about an inch apart.
"A little." I admitted and smiled. "So you are the reason the children come here all the time? I thought no one lived here." I said looking around again.
In the middle of the room hung a chandalier that sparkled in the moonlight. I turned back to face him but he disappeared. I turned back around and he was inches away from me.
I jumped again startled.
He laughed.
"Michael." he held out his hand.
I took his hand and he bent down and kissed the top of my hand. He looked up at me and smiled as I blushed.
My hand returned to my side.
"Why don't you stay for a while." he said. "See why the kids come here all the time."
Karen took my hand and we sat amongst the children who watched Michael with interest and excitement.
I might come back the next day, and the day after, and maybe, just maybe the day after that.

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