joel madden

alright hey guys i deleted some of my quizzies and stories and im making a new one im lke obssessed with joel madden so heres my new story enjoy

Chapter 1


me joel benji paul and billy have been best friends every since i moved to maryland with my family. we were the out casts of our school. they made fun of us but we didnt care at all. the boys started a band called good charlotte they played for fun and nothing more. i just sat and watched them play there music. sometimes i would sing with joel and we'd have a blast.

i woke up to my alarm clock ringing. ughh i said and got up and got dressed. i ran down stairs and grabbed a muffin and threw my bag over my shoulder and walked to the twins place across the street. i just walked in because im like family to them. hey robin i said to there mom. hello jessa how are you she said. im good where are the boys. there upstairs gettin ready sarah said. thanks i said. i started for the stairs when joel and benji came sliding down the railing. ive told you a million times not to do that robin said. sorry mom they said together. come on lets go guys i said. they grabbed there bags and we took off towards school. we got there just before the bell rang. i went to my first class with joel. we sat in the back like always and talked while we pretended to listen. then i had second class with benji and third with billy then we had lunch and we hung out and talked about the band. then i had fourth with paul and fifth with kayla my best friend. soo you and joel she said. w-what i said. oh come on you soo like him she said. and what makes you assume this i said. i see the way you look at him and smile and the way you talk kayla said. yeah you do the same things with benji i said. yeah and i admit i like him she said. i just looked back at the board. school finally ended and six of us went to the twins house. we did out homework and me and kayla watched the boys play. i got up and sang with joel and kayla kept staring at us. god she was annoying but thats kayla for you.


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