Forbidden Love

Ahola! I want to let you guys know, I'm going to be mostly posting my stories on ''this'' account.
Anyways, this story is inspired by my old story ''23rd Jackson Street'', but it's going to be much different.
Michael isn't least yet, and he's a Sophomore in his ''Bad'' era.
Sexy, right?
I'm working on and continuing other stories. So, there's a lot of stuff you're gonna recieve from me ;)

''Keke Alexander''

Chapter 1

Got Away With It

''Note: I've been told many, many, many times that Michael doesn't cuss, and I'm aware of that. But if you'll search on youtube and hear him actually cuss, it's hilarious and cute! Ok, off-topic, anyways, there are people who make him cuss 10x worse than I do! No matter what his age is. But when he cusses in my stories, it's usually when he's angry.''

It's been 11 months since my sister's death, Veronica Jones. My parents act like the night never happened, but I can still see the pain in their eyes to this very day. What I thought would turn out like a normal day ended in a tragedy.
I blamed myself for her death, even though I didn't know it would happened. As the weeks came by slow as Christmas, we learned that she was lured to a underground clubhouse. But I thought a 17-year-old would know better than to go with a stranger. People didn't worry about this type of stuff, 'cause it never happened...until that day. They never found her body, but only recovered her blood.
My whole family was devastated at the news. Including when they found her hand-made knitting hat that my mom made. Now that the months have gone by, I'm the only one who's still trying to track down the heart-less, perverted murderer...

''Week later''

I was jogging with my group like usual, but I decided to do something dangerous. Robert, who I suspected killed my sister, had left his home. I stopped and pretended like I was out of breath. "Aaliyah, are you alright?" my coach asked.
"I'm...fine... just...go ahead...I'll catch...up," I replied.
He nodded and jogged off. I waited to the rest of my group was out of sight and no one else was around. I ran over to the his house and hid behind the shrubs before I re-checked and then headed for the backyard.
Quickly but quietly, I snuck over to behind his house. I used my foot to break the basement window, and then I bent down and knocked the rest out.
As I was making my way through, the stacks of paper I was standing on fell and I almost lost my footing. I grabbed onto a shelf and I safely lowered myself down, looking around for evidence.
There was nothing here, so I searched everywhere in his house. I went through his drawers in the living room and found an old newspaper article that read, ''Local Teen Charged with Felony Assault'' and it contained a picture of Robert.
As I was about to scan through the details, I heard a loud sound against the front door. I jumped up and quietly walked over to the window. Rodney, the kid in my neighborhood, was just throwing newspaper. I sighed in relief, put the newspaper away and ran up to his bedroom.
I searched everywhere. Fumbling through stuff that my hands laid on.
I sighed in disappointment. As I was making my way out, I heard a ''creak'' under my foot. I paused. I moved my foot on the wood again. ''Creak, creak''. I got down on my knees and pulled the carpet out of the way. I felt around on the floor, until I felt a piece of wood slightly lifted from the floor. I pulled on it and discovered a book unsuccessfully hidden by hay.
I lifted it up and carefully scanned the pages. I saw different drawings, which were slowly forming into a small underground secret clubhouse that looked a lot similar to the pitcure we had from the police as I turned each page.
But as I turned the next one, I stared in shocked. My sister's picture was in there, with a lock of hair.
''I knew he was the one!''
I sat the book aside and tried to put the wood back in. As I laid it down, it slammed back into place. Suddenly, I heard heavy footsteps. My heart raced. I grabbed the book and ran for the window, struggling to push it open. It finally lifted it up and I made it out when he ran into the room. I carefully slid down the roof, instantly losing my footing and balance. I rolled off, onto the ground. I yelped, losing half the breath in me. I laid there for a moment, trying to catch my breath. I weakly grabbed the book and got up, pain throbbing through every inch of me. I ran and he was right behind me. I made it through the shrubs and jumped over the fence gracefully, running as fast I could to the house. I glanced over my shoulder, he was standing there but turned away and headed back toward his home.

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