Once upon a time (hogwarts story)

Once upon a time (hogwarts story)

this is the story of 4 witches/wizards that go to hogwarts. You have to read it to find out more...
Golden Trio Era won in the quiz i posted. It is first year for the golden trio and all of these characters i made up.

Chapter 1

the main 4 characters beginning

~~~~Molly's POV~~~~
"Thank you," i told the secruity guard as i left the prison. I was visiting the prison to see my older brother. He did some really stupid things after my mother died which got him in a prison cell. I went to visit him because i had some questions over the Hogwarts letter i had gotton. He told me everything about magic and the wizarding world that i had not known before. My mother was the witch in the family but she died when i was little and my brother had to care for me. My father could of helped but when my mother died he became a wreck, he turned into an alcholic and smoker and completely unlike who he was before. And i liked who he was before. My brother took care of me for a few years but then he became more and more depressed and one night he went drinking. He never came back home after that night. He went into the hospital and then jail for underage drinking and drinking while driving. That was 2 years ago. Yesturday was the day i got my Hogwarts letter, i had just turned 11 and the letter made no sense to me. I didnt think i was a witch. I asked my dad about it but he is almost never sober so it didnt matter what i said because his answer would make no sense anyway. I decided i would go visit my brother to see if he knew what this was about. He explained everything about wizards to me, and that i was a witch. I was excited to learn and preform magic. I dont know much about it but from what my brother said it sounded like school was fun. He explained Hogwarts to me and the houses. He was in the Hufflepuff house so i suspect i will be in the same. When i got home my father was passed out on the ground and snoring loudly. There were empty beer cans surrounding him on the ground. I sighed as i went to pick them up and throw them out. When i opened the door to get to the garbage can outside there was a huge man there, if i didnt know better i would of said he was a short giant. Then again i had just found out that there was a wizarding world so maybe giants did exist there... "Uh, hello?" i asked the man. "Hello, Rubeous Hagrid, yer can call me Hagrid though. I am the games keeper at Hogwarts," he answered. I asked him the first question i had, "Are you a giant?" I was too curious not to know for sure. "Half giant," he answered. I nodded. I put down the beer cans i was holding on to the counter since i figured i wasnt going to the garbage any time soon. "So... um... not too sound rude, but, uh... why are you here?" i asked trying to sound as nice as possible. "I am here to bring yer to diagon alley," he said not at all offended by my question. "Diagon alley?" i asked. My brother didnt tell me about this place at all. "Thats where ya get all yer school supplies," he clarified for me. "Oh, okay, So when do we go?" i asked hoping to go as soon as possible. "We can go now if you like," he said. "Lets go," i said already halfway out the door. We went to Gringotts where i found out that i had a pretty decent amount of money left for me from my mother. I went to get my school books first. I bought them all and saw that Hagrid was talking to another boy. He had brown hair and brown eyes. "Cool, well im about to start my first year and my family has told me about you," i heard him say. "Really? Im starting my first year also," i said standing next to Hagrid. "Well i hope to see you there then," he said. I nodded and then left with Hagrid since i had already gotton all the books i needed to. I got my robe next so i had all my required supplies for Hogwarts, and all i had left to get was a wand. I walked towards Ollivanders when i saw a girl with long shiny black hair knock down the books of a boy. It looked like her eyes changed from gray to red. I blinked and looked again and her eyes were gray. She left with a look of utmost disgust on her face and brushed herself off as if he had contaminated her from touching her. I walked over to the boy, i kneeled down and helped him pick up his books. "Thanks," he said quietly as i handed him his books. "You're welcome, Im Molly Harth, im going to be starting my first year at Hogwarts," i said. "Im Lucas Cameron, im starting my first year as well," he said making sure he got all his books back. "Well i got to go and get my wand, see you around at school i guess," i said while i starting walking towards Ollivanders again. "Yeah, See ya," he said while he stood up and walked in the opposite direction that i did. I went into Ollivanders and tried out a few wands but then i finally got the right one. "Eleven inches, holly, dragon heartstring," Mr. Ollivander said as he packaged the wand for me. I handed him the money and thanked him for his time. I came back home super excited. Hogwarts would start in a week and i couldnt wait to leave. My dad was still passed out and i knew that i would need to carry him up to his bedroom. After a few years of doing this i had become pretty strong, who needs to work out when you have an alcoholic in the house? I grabbed him and carried him upstairs to his bedroom where i layed him down on his bed. I didnt kiss him good night or tuck him in. I wasnt the adult here, he was. Or at least he was supposed to be. I went across the hall to my bedroom. I couldnt sleep so i just stared at my ceiling. When i painted my room lavendar i should of painted my ceiling as well instead of just leaving it white. I looked at the clock on my dresser next to my bed. The time was 1:53 am. I looked at the picture next to my clock. The picture was of my mother, before she was diagnosed with cancer, before we had any worries. Her chocoalte brown hair fell to her shoulders and perfectly framed her face and her green eyes were bright and stunning, instead of when they were faded days before her death. She looked so much like me in the picture, an older version of me. I felt a tear escape my eye, it was a happy tear. I loved remembering my family before there were any issues, any problems. I had a week until i would go to Hogwarts, where i would be able to excape all the issues now. I got up and grabbed my trunk out of my closet. I placed it in the middle of the ground and opened it. I grabbed the picture of my mom off my dresser and placed it in the trunk. I went back to bed and was able to sleep now since i knew that my mothers picture was the first thing i packed.

~~~~Zoey's POV~~~~
Hogwarts, what a pathetic excuse for a school. I had learned i was a witch later on. I never knew my real family, they dropped me off at some orphanage when i was a baby, they didnt want me. I was later adopted by another family, the Spears. They adopted me once they found out i was a pureblood. I have been living here since i was 7 years old. I was an only child and i loved it, being spoiled all the time, it was just so nice. Our family was close with other pureblood families like the Malfoys. We visited them often and i LOVED seeing their son, the dreamy Draco, who was the same age as me. We would be starting Hogwarts together. He wanted to go to Durmstrang and i wanted to go to Beauxbans but our families wanted us to be nearby to them and go to Hogwarts. That means i would be going to school with mudbloods and half bloods. I would rather go to pureblood school instead of school that allows people with such dirty blood to attend. The Malfoys we going to diagon alley tomorrow while we were going today. I had heard that Harry Potter would be in the same year as us, someone that would be worth befriending at least. When we got there we went straight to the stores for our supplies. We didnt need to go to Gringotts since we had lots of money on hand. Yeah, we were rich and purebloods. We were some of the best people there are to offer. I was glad we didnt need to go to Gringotts since i saw Hagrid with some girl headed over there. Probably some mudblood that didnt know about Hogwarts until they got the letter. How pathetic, they didnt even deserve to go to hogwarts to learn magic. I went into Ollivanders to get my wand. There was another boy there already, he had light brown hair and brown eyes. They looked like he had just found the right wand. "Yes now that will be 1 galleon and 5 sickles, Mr. Collins," Ollivander said while putting the wand away. The boy handed him the money and we passed each other as he left and i came in, not giving each other a second glance. "Hello, Mr. Ollivander," i said while walking in. "I need my first wand," i said ready to try out different wands. "Yes, Miss. Spears, i was wondering when i would see you come. Now lets see, how about this one?" he said while handing me a wand. I grabbed it out of his wand eager to test it. It felt odd in my hand, as if it didnt want to be there. I flicked it and the flower pot nearby exploded. "Oh dear, no that is not it," he said plucking the wand from my fingers and putting it back in the box. He grabbed the flower and put it in another pot he had. He looked through his wands and gave me another wand to test. I grabbed it less eager but still excited to get a wand. It felt hot in my hands, like it wanted to burn me but i continued holding on. I flicked it and the flower that was just moved into another pot burst into flames. At least it wasnt a pretty flower. "No, thats not it," he said. After a few wands and other burnt/broken objects another wand was handed to me. I felt warmth in my hands, not burning heat, warmth. It felt like i could feel the power surge within me from this wand. I smiled and flicked it. Once i did all the things i broke repared themselves and another flower sprouted from the first pot i broke. "I think that this is it," i said. He agreed and i paid him for it. As i left someone bumped into me, dropping his books on the ground and on me as well. "Watch where you're going, you fifthly little mudblood!" I yelled at him. I knocked the few books he still had in his hands onto th ground and left him while he bent down to pick them up. I brushed off my arm to get the filth off me from him touching me. When we got back home i went to bed immediatly. I knew i wouldnt be able to sleep, all i wanted to do was play with my wand and see what else i could do but i had to wait a week until i could go to hogwarts to use my wand. I looked at the clock while later since i still couldnt sleep, it read 1:53. I needed to get some sleep now. I got up and went over to my wand. I gripped it in my hand and felt the same feeling i had before when i first touched it, that feeling of power surging within me. I examined it from the outside, it was light brown and 11 inches long. The core was dragon heartstring and it was made of holly. It made me feel powerful, like no one could harm me while i had this because i could overpower them. I put my wand away reluctantly (sp?) and went back into my bed, falling asleep remembering the feeling of power surge within me.

~~~~David's POV~~~~
Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts! I knew that i was going to Hogwarts ever since i was little. I watched my older brother, Jake, and my older sisters, Ashley and Katie, go to Hogwarts before me. I am youngest in the family so i had to wait and listen to what my family had to say about hogwarts before i could actually go. My father is a pureblood while my mother is a muggleborn so they both went to Hogwarts and i loved listening to all of my family's stories about it. Our family had all been in Gryffindor, we are a bold and brave family, there is no denying it. My parents were part of the order when Voldemort was at power and i am proud of them for fighting against him. I'm glad that he is gone now thanks to Harry Potter, and im going to be in the same year as him also. I have a feeling that this would be exciting. I got my letter yesturday and today we were going to Diagon alley. Once we got there the first store i went to was Ollivanders, i couldnt wait to get my wand. Ollivanders looked through his many shelves of wands and gave me the first one to try. It was the same color as my hair and 11 inches, holly, and with a core of dragon heartstring. I knew it was the one when i touched it since i felt the instant warmth in my hands. I saw purple sparks fly out the end so i decided i would try it out. I waved it and the dead flower in one of the pots became more colorful and lively. I smiled at the magic i preformed. I heard someone walk in but we were almost done so i ignored whoever it was. Ollivander took the wand from me and started putting it away. "Now that will be 1 galleon and 5 sickles Mr.Collins," he said as he finished putting the wand away. I handed him the money and walked past the girl who had walked in. I didnt give her a second look once i walked by. The next store i walked to was the robe store, i can never remember the name of that place. There was another boy there but they could also do my robe at the same time so i walked in and stood near him. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, he looked happy to be here. "Im David Collins," i interduced myself. "Lucas Cameron," he said quietly. He seemed nice but also pretty shy. I decided to end the conversation there since he didnt seem like he would talk much. Lucas finished before me and walked out with all his books balanced in his hands, i was guessing that he got all the required books already and maybe even a few more. Once i finished getting my robe i figured that i need to get my school books now. I walked into the next store to get my books and i accidently ran into a huge man. "Oh sorry," i said. "Its okay laddie," he said in a kind voice. I was expecting more of a mean voice since he was so big. "Are you Hagrid?" i asked. He fit the description of what my brother and sisters had said about him. "Yer bet i am," he said. "Cool, well im about to start my first year and my family has told me about you," i said making the tone of my voice nice so it didnt sound like we had been saying bad things about him. "Really? Im starting my first year also," a girl said standing next to hagrid. I hadnt noticed that she was standing there since she was so small next to Hagrid. "Well i hope to see you there then," i said. She nodded and her and Hagrid left since she had already gotton all her books. I grabbed the books that were on the list and purchased them. I walked out and noticed the Quidditch store. Even though first years couldnt bring broomsticks it couldnt hurt to just look. I ended up getting a decent broomstick and then heading home. I went to bed putting my supplies down on one of the empty tables in my room. I knew i wouldnt be able to sleep, i was just so excited, and i still had to wait a week. I looked at the time on my clock, it read 1:53. I knew i needed to sleep but the anxiety was killing me. I got out of my bed and began pacing thinking of something that would make me fall alseep faster. I noticed my broomstick next to my robe in the closet and i couldnt help it. I walked over and grabbed my broom. I went to my window and opened it slowly and quietly, everyone else in the house should be asleep by now. I mounted my broom and flew out of my room and into the night sky. I flew as fast as it could, going up and down, turning left and right, and just going in circles at times. After awhile i went back into my room. I put my broom back into the closet and closed the window. I layed down in bed and fell asleep remembering the feeling of the wind in my hair.

~~~~Lucas's POV~~~~
Hogwarts was going to be amazing, i just knew it. I had known i was a wizard since i was young, because of all the strange things i did. I lived with my aunt since my mother died giving birth to me and my father died in a car accident not to long after. My aunt was on my mother's side of the family, my mom was the witch of the family and my dad was a muggle. My aunt was a squib, she told me about Hogwarts and how nice it was but she couldnt show me much magic because she couldnt do much. I felt bad for her but i was glad that I was going to hogwarts either way. She told me that the family had all been in ravenclaw house. I wasn worried about breaking the family tradition since my aunt constantly called me a bookworm. My aunt promised me that she would take me to diagon alley today to get my supplies. I went to get my books first. I got the required books and a few others that seemed nice. I decided i would get my robe next. When i was almost done another boy walked in to get his robe. They could do both ours at the same time so he stood near me while he got his measurements done. "Im David Collins," he said interducing himself. "Lucas Cameron," i said quietly. I was a bit shy but i would become more talkative once i got to know people. He didnt say anything more after that and i was grateful since i really didnt want to say much more. My robe was finished not long after and i grabbed it along with my many books and left. I decided the i would go to the other stores next and go to Ollivanders last, save the best for last. As i walked i bumped into a girl with long black hair. Most of my books fell to the ground but a few were still held in my hands. "Watch where you're going, you fifthly little mudblood!" she yelled at me as she knocked the few books i had left in my hands to the ground. I looked up at her and it looked like her eyes had turned red. She blinked and her eyes were gray again. Strange i thought. She left as i bent down to pick up my books. Another girl came over and helped me pick up my books. She had brown hair the color of chocolate and bright green eyes that stood out in the shadows. "Thanks," i mumbled as she handed me my books. "You're welcome, Im Molly Harth, im going to be starting my first year at Hogwarts," she said happily. "Im Lucas Cameron, im starting my first year as well," i said while scanning the ground to make sure i had all of my books. "Well i got to go and get my wand, see you around at school i guess," she said while she starting walking towards Ollivanders. "Yeah, See ya," i said quiely as i got up and walked in the opposite direction that she did. I walked in through the stores but nothing really caught my attention in there. I had looked through all the stores and it was time for me to go to Ollivanders to get my wand. "Excuse me, anyone here? Mr. Ollivander?" i asked as i walked in. A balding man appeared from behind the counter. He gave me a few wands to try out but they didnt work. He took out one wand box and i heard him mumber under his breath, "i wonder." He took the wand out and handed it to me. I could feel power surging within me and the wand was grasped tightly in my hands, i knew it was the correct one for me. He looked at my wand and me curiously but didnt elaborate on why and i was too shy to ask. "Yes, well this wand choose you. It is 11 inches, holly, and the core is dragon heartstring," he said as he plucked the wand from me and put it back into the box. I handed him the money for it and went back home since there was nothing else left to do here. I layed on my bed too worried for sleep. I couldnt help but worry that Hogwarts was going to be a terrible school, that things had changed from when my aunt was there and now it was a bad place. I looked at my clock and it read 1:53. I knew i wouldnt be able to sleep unless i found a way to calm my nerves. I went over to where i had my books stacked and grabbed the one called Hogwarts: a history by Bathilda Bagshot. I read through it and it calmed me slightly knowing that the building itself wasnt creepy at least. I went to bed that night imagining hogwarts.

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