I Love Death (Gaara Story)

In Da Story: Sasuke did go find Orchimaru so is curently missing. And Naruto already got back from his long 3 year training with Pervy Sage

Why I Named This Story I Love Death:
Gaara's name means "Demon who cares for himself" and the tattoo on Gaara's forehead means "love", which combined with his name means, "I Love Death." Since he only feels alive when he kills, he believes that killing is his reason for being. lol, thats how it WAS anyway. Not anymore.

Chapter 1

Team 11

by: ExShinobi
Name: Eri Himitsu (blessed prize, secret)

Age: January 18

Location: Konaha

Status: Chunin

Appearance: look at the picture above

Attitude: Observant, quiet, speaks mind when feels needed, a little competitive, friendly

Hobbies: pranking Kiba, reading, goin for a walk, training

Friends: Naruto, Shino, Hinata, Rock Lee, Shikamaru, and Choji

Arch Enemy (lol): Kiba. But she's friends with Akamaru

Chakra Style(s): Lightning and water

Skills: mangekyou sharingan, tijutsu, medical ninjutsu, water style techniques, lightning style techniques, and more

History: Born January 19 in Konaha, Akane was a only child with parents. Then Akane's parents gave her to Shikaku and Yoshino Nara, and fled Konaha the next day. Akane was then enrolled in the academy with Shikamaru.
Akane was placed in team 11 along with Kaida Uchiha and Yoshino Kanna. A few months after being teamed up, they were sent on a C rank mission that killed her teammates.
She passed the Chonin exams along with Shikamaru, the only other person who passed. Now, 3 years later, is where THIS story begins. ;)

I walk to the cemetery, already knowing where I’m going, because I’ve went there a thousand times before. I stop in front of two tomb stones. I look at the one to me left.

Ichiro Kanna
Beloved Son and Friend

I asked his parents if they could put on the friend part. Ichiro was funny, hyper, and loyal. He was my best friend, beside Kaida. Ichiro and I got a long like we were siblings. I stare at his grave and remember. Finally, I look over at the other teammate’s tombstone, my other friend. I put my hand up and cover up my right eye. HIS right eye.

Kaida Uchiha
May he find light,
In the darkest of places

Kaida was the opposite of Ichiro. Kaida was quiet and waited. He wasn’t like Sasuke Uchiha, because Kaida smiled and laughed, just not as much as me or Ichiro did. Did. I don’t laugh or smile anymore, not since the mission. At least, I don’t smile or laugh for real. I stare at their graves and let the memory consume me like darkness.

”Where’s Sensei?” Asks Ichiro. Our backs press harder against each other, with kunai knifes in our hands, surrounded by rogue ninja.
“He’ll come.” Says Kaida, sounding like he’s trying to convince himself, more than me.
“He won’t.” I say quietly. I felt it, the sick feeling in my stomach. The feeling I only get when someone’s died.
“Did you feel it?” Asks Ichiro. “How long ago?”
“A few minutes ago. He isn’t coming.” I say. I take a breath. “Ready?” I ask. They nod. “We’re surrounded by 24, so 8 each.” I say, my voice calm.
“Got it.” They say together.

Team 11 was sent on a mission. To go to the Village Hidden in the Mist, and retrieve some scrolls the Third Hokage needed. No one thought about rogue ninjas.

“The best team ever.” Whispers Ichiro. And I understand.
“Yeah, we were.” I laugh. “No one could out do us.” I say. Kaida nods.
“We left our mark on Konaha.” He says. We all laugh remembering spray painting half the town.
“It won’t be the same without us.” Says Ichiro.
“Yeah, completely-“ Starts Kaida.
“Boring.” I finish. We knew the odds of us winning, and we were ok with it, we accepted it.
“If I die, I want to die side by side with my teammates.” Whispers Ichiro.
“Me too.” I say.
“And me.” Says Kaida. “Well, it’s been nice knowing you guys.”
“The pleasures been all mine.” Whispers Ichiro, his voice breaking.
“Remember what Sensei always said.” I say. A tear slowly falls down my cheek.
“Victory is always possible for the person who never refuses to stop fighting.” We say together and launch ourselves into the possibilities.

“You alright?” I look up and see Shikamaru. I wipe the tears away and quickly smile.
“Peachy!” I try to say happily. He opens his arms. I start to cry again so I hurry to let him hug me. I disappear within his hug.
“You’ve had quite the life.” He whispers. “Do you still have the nightmares?”
I nod. I still have nightmares of the mission. That’s what I called that day when the only good thing in my life was ripped away from me, the mission. It starts to rain.
“Let’s go home.” He says, slowly leading me away from the graves.

“Mom we’re home!” Yells Shikamaru still holding on to me. Yoshino Nara walks into the room and smiles, until she sees me. She frowns and pulls me away from Shikamaru, inspecting me.
“The grave?” She asks. I blush but nod. “You alright?”
I give her the same fake smile I gave Shikamaru, but unlike him, she bought it. She walks out of the room, and my face fell back to emotionless.
“If I die, I want to die side by side with my teammates.”
Each word like knives.
“Victory is always possible for the person who never refuses to stop fighting.”
Possible, not guaranteed.

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