Enslaved: Kidnapped Part 1

Enslaved: Kidnapped Part 1

Bailey Utley goes to a party with her bestfriend Amber in one of the richist blocks in L.A. They are completely excited. Sounds so normal right? Wrong. A night of fun turns into pure hell as Bailey notices that this isn't a normal party. This is bate. And everyone is about to be caught.

Chapter 3

Just Kill Me Now

"Shh, don't wake her just yet." The voice was light and soft like air, but yet so beautiful, I yearned to find who it belonged to. "I don't know what to do Star!" Said another, it was tired, stressed out, and confused. I wanted to comfort this person who sounded so sad. "Hey, hey look at me. It'll be okay. I don't even know what your doing, but I'm with you all the way. Don't cry." I heard a few sniffles and then the tired voice said, "I'm not crying." He clearly was. "She's pretty, you know?" Said the girl's voice. The boy made a disagring noise and said almost angrily, "No, I don't know. She's beautiful. More than that. I just can't find the word." I couldn't find the word for what I was hearing. Who were they talking about? Were they talking about me? No, no, no. That was just silly. They couldn't be talking so highly of me. I wasn't beautiful. I was just an ordinary tomboy. Well maybe not ordinary...but still. "What are you going to do when she wakes up?" Asked the girl questionally. Footsteps started heading for me and then stopped. "I really don't know Star. I'll try to think up something before she wakes. I have a least an hour or so before she does. I promise I'll think of something Stella." Star-or Stella sighed warily and said, "I know you will Kris. I know."
As I watched her lay soundly on my King size bed I started thinking about what would happen next. I had at least forty-five minutes before she woke up and started to wonder why and how the hell she got here. What was I going to do? I was going to improvise. That's all I had and I was sticking to it. My father didn't just give me the family business for nothing. I was a rich, intelligent and respected 19-year-old billionaire. I would get her to understand how I felt and why I took her as much as I could. I would try to make her feel at home and buy her whatever she wanted. But I just had to get her to understand. I just had to.
& & & & &
I stared at him dazily as he told exactly how I got here, now he had to tell me why. "I got my own reasons for-" This is when I just ignored him. I was in a room with like 10 other people staring at us as we stood up and he explained. The one boy that I met a the party was there and in his hands he had a tranquilizer gun and a rope. I knew what they were for. Everyone was staring at me hard as I wore the same clothes from almost two days ago and I looked in distress around the room, trying not to meet eyes. The eyes weren't judgemental, no they were curious, trying to find out why this guy was so goddamn interested in me. Join the freaking club. I looked back at this "Kristorfer" guy. He was handsome of course. Hell, he was hot. I knew I looked like crap. Make-up smeared, hair un-combed, clothes wrinkled, and I probably smelled too. All I really wanted was to be at home, curled up in bed fighting a hangover or at least sleeping off the craziness. But what I really really wanted was to know what Amber was doing. I hoped she had made it home alright, she always got terribly drunk... But what if she's not at home? What if she's been kidnapped like you? That would be awful. I had to push away those feelings and hope she had gotten away. "-I just hope you'll be able to understand. It's not like anyone would miss you anyway and-" I looked at him angrily, this is his fault. I raised my hand and swung as hard as I could, hitting him sqaure across the face. Gasps filled the room as everyone looked wide-eyed at us in panic. His cheek was red where I slapped him as he slowly turned his head. His eyes was very dark. He looked at me hard and it scared me. As I noticed the looks I was getting I had realized one thing: I had done something bad. "Kristofer...now don't-" Kristofer waved his hands and shook his head. "I'm good. I'm fine. I deserved that." The room was silent then, no one breathed or even moved. This didn't normally come out of his mouth. "Kristofer I just-" Kristofer gave a loud groan, "Jackson, it's fine! Let it go!" Jackson closed his mouth and nodded. Kristofer looked satisfied as he said, "Star, Jessica, please take..." He looked at me questionably as I answered angrily, "Why the hell should I tell you my name?" He tried to interupt but I went on, "Your standing here acting like everything is all happy and okie dokie but it's not. You kidnapped me! You think I didn't have a life? Or do you just think your better than everyone? Your not better. Your an awful person! Don't you feel sick about what you do? I hate you! I don't wanna be here! You better just kill me now." I wanted so badly to know why I was here. I was discusted. This whole the is just sick. Just putrid. They kidnapped people, then sold them to the highest bidder. Some became, maids, butlers...others were s^x slaves...forced to be strippers or prostitutes to give whoever owned them money. They were addicted to drugs and were sick all the time with HIV and aids and sicknesses. And these were the people who kidnapped and sold thousands-no millions of people and were able to sleep at night not giving a flying fvck about what was happening to them. They were sick. And this boy found me attractive! He liked me! He said I would have been kidnapped and sold if he hadn't took me. He thinks he saved me! He put me in my own personal hell. He told me what he did was his job. He explained to me everything. And now I'm throwing up all over his shiny new shoes. Oh boy. I'm on my knees now and my guts are technaily on his shoes and the floor. I'm partly crying and my stomach and throat hurts like crap. I'm starving, dying of thirst, tired with sleep deprivation, and I smell awful. That's not why I threw up though. There were two reasons behind this. 1: Thinking about all of that had just flipped a switch in my weak stomach. And 2: I was having an awful allergic reaction to all the drugs they gave me. Everyone is lingering by, not knowing what to do because they know what's going on. They are sick with themselves. Good. Kristofer picks me up and the breath is tooken out of me. He is strong and macho under all those clothes. I can feel his hot mint breath on me and see his deep eyes getting lost into mine...making me feel weaker. I can feel his heavy build under his shirt...I just wanna caress that handsome- WOAH! Woah! No, no, no, no, no! I mental slap myself. Hell the fvck no. I am not, I repeat am not going gaga over my kidnapper! But I am. And I don't like it. Not one goddamn bit. I'm blaming this on the Stockholm Syndrom. I feel to much respect and sadness for this lonely boy who doesn't know what the word love means. I hate you Kristofer. And there is nothing you can do about it! And again I say, just kill me now.

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