Enslaved: Kidnapped Part 1

Enslaved: Kidnapped Part 1

Bailey Utley goes to a party with her bestfriend Amber in one of the richist blocks in L.A. They are completely excited. Sounds so normal right? Wrong. A night of fun turns into pure hell as Bailey notices that this isn't a normal party. This is bate. And everyone is about to be caught.

Chapter 2

The Kidnapping

Kristofer's Pov:
We were silent as I floated up the stairs like a ghost. Jackson was quiet with his head down, respecting my silence. What the hell had just happened? It wasn't really something I should be upset about. It was one goddamn girl. One. I chuckled quietly to myself. God knows there a plenty of those out there. But then why was I so mad? She was gorgeus of course. Any dumbazz could see that. Her hair was perfectly and delicately curled at the ends as it flooded over her back and shoulders beautifully. Her eyes were dark and wonderful as they sparkled like stars with determination and anticipation. I shook my head shamefully to myself. I was a disapointment to myself. God, there was something seriously wrong with me. I didn't care. I didn't. Not much anyway. But I was pissed that she said no to me. You don't care. You don't want her. You don't need her. "Are you still upset about that girl? Kris, she's one girl. Relax." Said Jackson, he knew I got worked up about the word "no" at times. He put an arm around me and I pushed him away angrily. He looked at me, his eyes blaming me for some unknown crime. "Just shut the hell up about it, okay?" I growled under my breath. Jackson put up his hands in his defense as he said, "Fine man, gosh." I wanted her. God I did. I wanted so badly to caress her soft hair and fondle her face. And she said no. I would've called her a bad word if she were just another girl. I wouldn't have even been this angry. I would've brushed it off like lint. But this girl was special. Anyone could see that. There was something quite bright in those lovely dark eyes. I have to have her. I said to myself. I just had to. I never really cared about girls. Mostly I just fvcked them and kicked them to the curve. They were lucky enough to get that. But she's diffrent, something special. I just.. Love isn't a word I choose to place in my vast vocabulary. Of course I strongly liked my step-sister Star, my bestfriend Jackson, all of my friends at that. I strongly liked dogs, and blue and cars. And my mother of course. But love? That word never had came out of my mouth. Not in my whole life. But after seeing her, I think I should start putting it to use. I love my sister Star. She was a star, bright, brilliant, beautiful. far-away, and nice. I loved my friends, who had been there since the begining. I loved the sight of this girl, who's name I bet was as beautiful as she. I had to have her. I wanted her in my arms. I didn't even know her, but she just had the look. I have to have her. I said to myself for the thousandth time. And I would. I always got what I wanted.
In the secret room I sat with all of my friends. We were discussing how everything was going and if everything was set for our next move. "Percy?" Percy was the clown of the bunch, funny and diffrent. "I thought we had enough people so I erased the party from facebook. The place is being guarded and I have Shawn making sure nothing is going amiss while we're talking. God knows he can handle that. And he could, Shawn was wayyyyy underestimated. "Max?" Max was the relaxed and cool one. "The drink table has been set, the 'bartender' has the drugs ready." We used tranquilizers. "Alex?" Alex was the nicest guy here. "The limos have been prepared and the tranqs, rope, handcuffs and knifes are all ready." And last but not least.."Jackson?" Jackson was lounged on the couch messing with his IPad. "Everyone is ready. What's our next move?" Everyone looked at me appreciatlely. They depend on me. "It's time. Move to your places. Then we'll all meet back at the House." Everyone got up and murmured to each other as they headed out the door. But I still felt as if something was missing..."Wait, Max, Alex! I need you to do something for me."
& & & & & & &
Amber had left me by the drink table. "Hey, you'll be alright won't you?" She asked, willing to stay by her bestfriend but hoping she would. "Go ahead. Have fun." I said, willing a smile upon my lips. When she was gone to dance with some guy I had stopped my fakeness. I wasn't having fun. Some chick just puked on my shoes and spilled her drink all over my shirt. Guys all around kept asking me drunkily to go dance with them or go on a "stroll" with them. Puh-leez. I wasn't going to ruin Amber's night because I wasn't having fun. But seriously, it seemed like everyone was drunk. Somewhere to the point where they would just do stupid things. Others, mostly girls were passed out all over the place. "Hey miss?" I heard the voice as I turned to see who it belonged to. In the darkness of the room I could make out a guy. His black hair a mess on his head. He was cute. He was tall and nice-looking as he smiled warmly at me. Something I could tell he did all the time. "Yes?" I said just as warmly back. Maybe I would be having fun soon... The party light from an electronic disco ball danced around the room clumsily. Quite like most of the people here. "Can I get you a drink?" He asked, he seemed to be taking his time as he checked me out. I seriously think he liked what he saw. I shook my head, "I'm not drinking tonight. But thanks." I added the last part genuinely. He was the first non-drunk guy he had talked to me. Let me add the first non-drunk guy who is also very cute to talk to me. Most of the guys here were so unattractive they made Kim Kardaisian's plastic surgery seem awesome, Nicky Manash's butt tiny, Jack Black not fat (rhyming!), Nelly cool....Okay so I was just blabbing but really, these people were ugly when they weren't drunk. Drunk, they were pukable. The guy smiled at me again and cocked his head. "I can get you a soda or something then. I just want some excuse to talk to you." I laughed at this. God, he was cute. "Sure, a sprite please." He smiled and talked to the bartender. Well more like whispered, but I was kinda far from where they were so it made sense. "Here." Said the boy, handing me some sprite in a green cup. "Thanks." I took a few sips as he smiled at me. Then some more. Wow, I was thirsty! Then I drunk the whole thing. The boy's smile faltered, "Um, hey! I-" But as I had finished it all he just shook his head. "Wanna dance?" Dance...hmm. I loved dancing! Hehe! "Yes! I love this song!" I was so happy, I just wanted to dance! I felt like I could fly. I didn't even know the song that was playing (Judas by LG) but I knew it was cool as I pulled him to the dance floor and we dance. He twirled me around and moved with me as I gigled. I had never been this happy! I just wanted to explode with joy! I-woah...woah. I'm feeling a little woosy now. The boy is looking down at me. Wait, down? I feel myself fall as I start to drop to the ground. My legs feel like jello and I'm shaking. I don't feel so good... Suddenly my legs buckled underneath me. Thanks a lot legs for making me look stupid in front of the cute boy. The last thing I remember before blacking out is the boy catching me and whispering softly, "It's okay...we'll take care of you."

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