Life = Gods Gift

Life is Life and you cannot change it. I luv u God.

This came from my heart and even though im 12 iv had experence with my life, probably more than some of the 12 years olds i know. I thank God for carying me though the dark times and making the bright times brighter. Tht's Life.

Chapter 1


Life.U never know wht will happen. Love might leave you, but friends will always be there. Im srry if iv ever hurt anyone, i don't mean to. And if i hurt u plz forgive me. But i guess if u don't then tht's Life. Life is the best gift God can ever give you. So just smile though the tears and always remember tht everything happends for a reason, Tht's Life. Maybe God put bad ppl in ur Life so tht when the good ones come we will be more thankful. Wht you r is Gods gift to us, wht we become is our gift to God. Even though we might do something wrong in our life God forgives each of us, over and over again, so don't regret the past learn from it. In life, if u luv something let it go, if it comes back it's urs forever, if it doesnt it was never meant to be. Gods will always be there for each of us. In life there r things we can't change but God grants us the serenity to accept the thing we cannot change and he grants us the courage to change the thing we can change, and he grants ur the wisdom, to know the difference. God is the one true light in our Life, try not to lose it. In our Life friendship is Gods special way of loving us though someone else. Bad things might happen in our lives cuz God knows tht were strong enough to pass them. Even though we might be lost we will find away. God understands our paryers even when we can't find the words to say them.

Life might be difficault but always remember tht God is there for us, though the dark times and the bright times. Gods luvs us. I luv God.

Life is Life you cannot change tht. <3


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