A Place in my Heart: A Percy Jackson Love Story

A Place in my Heart: A Percy Jackson Love Story

Name: Violet McKnight
Hair: Mid-Back Lenght, Blonde, straight
Skin: Tan
Height: 5'4

Changes: Annabeth doesn't like Percy, Luke is good.

Chapter 1

Camp Half Blood, Here I Come!

My Protector, Fiona, walked me into Camp Half Blood. It looked aboslutely beautiful! I always loved nature and being outside. It was like a second home to me.
"There's going to be a feast tonight to find out who your parent is and what cabin you'll be staying in. Hopefully, you'll be in the Athena cabin like me! Annabeth, you, and I will have so much fun together!" Fiona said.
"Well, I was hoping to be in the Demeter cabin because nature is basically my thing. I always felt right when I was around it. You know what I mean?"
"Yeah, I know. Well, the feast is starting really soon, so if you want to get ready you should start now. Use the Athena cabin."
I pulled my suitcases to the Athena cabin. Thankfully, no one was there at the moment. I took the outfit I wanted to wear out and put it on.
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I put on some make-up and scrunched my hair. Gotta look good on your first day at a camp. I finished just in time for the feast. I ran out the cabin and when I walked into the feast, it seemed as if all the boys were staring. I must look good! I walked to where Chiron told me too. Turns out, I'm a child of Apollo! Cool! Now wonder why I easily pick up music and instruments and love being under the sun!
After I was done eating, I decided to walk around the feast and see what the people look like. Eventually I walked by the Posieden table. Woah! There was a really cute boy there. I should talk to him! I sat down at the Posieden table next to the boy.
V: "Hey, I'm Violet! So how's Camp Half Blood?"
P: "I'm Percy. It's amazing! Especially the food!"
V: "Percy. Interesting name."
P: "I guess you could say that.."
V: "Well, I'll se you around. Im going to catch up with my friend Fiona, and meet some more people. See you around?"
P: "Sure. We should sword fight tomorrow!"
V: "Sounds good! I did fencing for 10 years before I came here! You're going down!"
P: "We'll see about that!"
Wow! Percy is hot! And so easy to talk to. Wonder if there are any other boys like him here.
All of a sudden, a cute boy caught my eye. He was at the Hermes table. Better go talk to him. I'll talk to Fiona later. I sat down next to the boy
V: "Hey. I'm Violet. Is the Apollo cabin nice?"
L: "Im Luke. From what I've heard, the Apollo cabin is really cool. Hope you like it there."
V: "I hope I like it too. I'm going to be spending alot of time there."
L: "If you don't like it, you can hang at my cabin. It's pretty awesome if you ask me!"
V: "I'll be the judge of that!"
I walked away from the Hermes table to catch up with Fiona. I was supposed to talk to her as soon as I was done eating. Oops!
V: "Hey Fiona!" hugs
F: hugs back This is my best friend, Annabeth. Annabeth, this is Violet. I was her protector.
A: "Hey Violet. What's up?"
V: "Just trying to talk to people at the camp. Make some friends. So far, I've talked to Percy, Luke, and you guys.
F: "Wow, you have alot of people to meet!'
V: "Yeah. See you later!"
I went to find some more people that caught my eye. Quickly, I found someone. She looked like she liked punk alot.
V: "Hi. Im Violet. Like your outfit!"
T: "I'm Thalia. And thanks!"
V: "Welcome. Do you have any half brothers?" I realized that was a stupid question, because I saw a boy right next to her. He was kinda cute.
T: "What do you think?"
V: "Sorry, stupid question. See you around?"
T: "Yepp!"
I went to talk to her brother.
V: "Hey. I am Violet."
J: "I'm Jason."
V: "Hi Jason."
J: "So how do you like camp so far?"
V: "It's really cool looking, from what I've seen."
J: "It is really cool."
V: "Yeah, I can tell!"
J: "Soo.."
V: "I'm tired. Gonna go to my cabin. See you later?"
J: "Sure."
I walked away. Today was a good day. Now for me to go to bed!

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