un-known creature (Edward Cullen love story)

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Chapter 1

Original (outfit pic)

It was just daybreak and i was lying on my bed wrapped around my silk black blanket. I pressed my face against my pillow and grasping my blanket hard, smelling the sweet smell of Downy fresh scent on it. I brought my body half up looking through my glass wall, at the tall wet trees. I sighed. I got out of the queen size cloud missing its softness while walking to the bathroom. I looked at myself through the mirror, pulled the small part of my wavy black hair away from my face, noticing i looked different. I looked much older today then yesterday.
"17 isn't that bad," I said to myself. I didn't like growing up. I hated knowing I was going to have to leave my dearest mother, who loved me sincerely and was an undeniable caring woman, soon. I always knew why my father married her. She was the bravest women I ever met. She stood up for what she wanted for. My father was exactly the same. He was not rational about what he stood up for though. I’m the exact opposite. I can never face my rights. I never believed in love. I cared, but for my family. There is no one else I would fight for then myself. My mother always told me I was irresistible to people. I never understood what she meant. I sighed and started to comb my hair and brush my teeth. I got dressed into a grey jacket with buttons and a pair of black pants. I never liked shopping. My mother shops for me. I got my book bag and took one last glance at the glass wall. I stepped closely to it and looked at the water dripping from a hazy morning. I loved the cold. I always despised the heat, humidity. I used to live in the capital of Alaska, Juneau. It was a very pretty place, lots of snow. We moved town to town because my father is a doctor and was transferred to different places. I guess I never liked the heat because I never known it. I never lived in a city of light always in a cold place. I stopped thinking and left my room and entered the hallway. I walked down the hall looking at the skyline and seeing the grey wet clouds up above me. I smiled. I went down the stairs and I saw picture frames hung up against the wall. I notice there was not on single picture of me. I never took pictures of myself or with my family. I was never the picture person. There was just one my pic of my brother Terrance and his wife Clarissa. The rest were pictures my mother had took through the journey here.She has a thing of that. She loves taking pictures of our journey to our new home. When we arrive she likes to put them up to show memories. I went into the kitchen and saw my father reading The Sun newspaper and my mother eating a Pop-Tart. I walked toward the wooden table and sat on a white chair next to my mom.
"Morning honey how was your sleep?"
"Hmm. . . Boring"
"There was nothing interesting in your dream?" She looked at me a little concerned
"Nope" popping the p. Since we moved to this little town Forks in Washington I never had any good dreams to tell my mom.
"Your just not use to this place," pursing her lips, "Don't worry neither am I" she looked at me and smiled.
"Very odd,"
"How so?" she asked nibbling on her Pop-Tart
"You usually love the new places where we move, it lets you have a clean start," I said looking down
"I feel odd here, if that's what you’re pointing out to," she said looking toward my dad that put his paper down and was listening to our conversation.
"You'll like it here, don't worry" he said with a warm smile toward my mother who looked away
"Alyson, your schedule is on the counter," my dad said pointing to where it was
"Alright," I got up and grabbed the piece of paper. This was just perfect. I didn't really like AP classes.
"Hmm. . .I guess i'm off to school," I murmured going back to the chair, grabbing my book bag.
"Alright honey," my mother said getting up, "I'll see you at the shop at 3:30 p.m." she said as a command not a question.
"Okay, bye" I said without looking back to my parents
"Bye! Have a great day" I heard my mom say while I was shutting the door behind me. I took a deep breath and walked to my 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. I fixed up this car. It was when I had a lot of free time in Juneau. Since my mom was a mechanic she taught me about cars. It was my entertainment. The car roared to life when I ignited it. I drove off down the road. I wonder if there will finally be a guy I would like here. Will i even make friends here? What if they don't like me? I was nervous about Forks high school. Actually, i'm always nervous when I go to a new school. It's just a normal feeling. It took about 30 minutes to arrive at the school. It was pretty small. Well, it's an okay school. Pretty and wet. The woods surrounded the school. I parked close to the exit just in case of an escape. I stayed inside of my car; I didn't have the woman balls to get out. I knew sooner or later I had to get out so I just got out of the car and slammed the door shut behind me. I looked up and there was a couple of kids staring at me I took a breath and walked toward a building. I don't know what I was doing I just wanted to get away from the tarring eyes trying reveal who I was. I notice I was walking toward the administrator office, which is exactly where I needed to go. It was a still cold in the office.
I walked straight up to the lady who was writing on a piece of notepad.
"Excuse me, I'm Alyson Beckham,"
"Oh, Hello darling," she said looking up from the notepad, "Can I help you?"
"Yes, I'm new here and my parents sent me here to bring in some documents for the principal," I said handing here a set of documents into her hand.
"Oh thank you darling, I hope you enjoy this school, very nice people around here, and I also hope you find the right crowd to be around," she gracefully said to me with a warm smile
"Thank you," I left without another word. I went straight to my first class. AP English. My other periods went through like a blur. I was at lunch as far as I knew it. I got in line and got a Cesar Salad and a chocolate pudding cup. When I was paying my food, a tall good looking kid with a little crew behind him, slammed a poor kid food tray down to the ground, and left laughing with everyone else at the kid. I walked up to the kid and helped him pick up his trash off the ground.
"It's okay, you don't have to help me," he seemed a little shocked that I was helping him.
"No I want help you," I said to him looking him into his grass like eyes and smiled.
"I don't need your pity," he said getting up with his tray in his hands.
"I'm not giving you pity, but if you want it I’m glad enough to give you some," I didn't mean to be harsh but I was helping the poor kid why was he mad at me? He started to walk away from me, but I caught his elbow with my hand.
"Here, you can have my food," I told him handing him the tray, "I wasn't going to eat anyways," waiting for him to grab the food
"No, that's your food, I would never want to do that," he said trying to shake off my hand off his elbow.
"Please just take it," I said seriously into his eyes.
"Okay, but if i take your food," he said grabbing the tray and then looking down, "You have to sit with me"
"Okay," I said with the giggle. He smiled.
We sat from the farthest from all the other tables, which was a good thing.
"Here you can take you salad," he said with a disgusting face," I don't like salads," he said with a chuckle
"Funny, neither do I," i said sliding it back to him, "I rather eat a hamburger, then this"
"Then why did you get it?" He seemed confused
"I’m not on a diet if you’re thinking that, it's just there's not anything good anything in this cafeteria"
"True, it isn't very good," he said taking a spoon full of pudding into his mouth, "Are you new here, well of course you are I would've notice you before if you weren't," he said with another scoop but didn't gulp it down.
"What does that mean?" I said curious
"Oh, nothing." he said with a smile toward me, I had to smile back.
"I didn't get to know your name?" he said looking at me
"Alyson Beckham. What's your name?"
"Scott Garcia," he said offering a hand, i shook it.
"Nice to meet you," I said with a smile
"Hmm . . . ditto," he said with a chuckle
I looked away from him with a smile and notice a pale man staring at me. He had beautiful topaz eyes. His skin was pale as snow. He look like he had sleepless nights with the purple marks under his eyes. I looked around him and i saw two other girls and two other guys pale as him sitting NW from everyone. The handsome couldn't stop gazing at me and neither could I to him.
"Who's that?" I asked Scott
"What? Oh that's Edward Cullen,"
"Why wouldn't he stare?" he murmured to himself, but I caught it.
"What?" I said with a smile
"Nothing, but the people around him are his brothers and sisters well technically," he said playing the with the pudding with his spoon
"What do you mean by 'Technically'?" Confused
"Their adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme,"
"Adopted? But they look alike, I mean by their pale skin," I said
"Well yeah, but hmm I don't think brother and sister would date each other unless their insist,"
"What?" I was getting a little more confused
"Well, Emmett Cullen - the big, scary man- is with the blonde one, Rosalie Hale and Jasper Hale -the one that looks like he's in pain- is with the pixie looking hair girl, Alice Cullen, but Edward is the lonely one, I guess Jasper and Rosalie are told to be twins and were adopted by Esme or some kind of thing, you know what," he said putting the spoon into the pudding. I giggled to notice how mad he was getting, "I don't know, it's a complicated thing, unless you talk to them alone then you would really know the true facts," he told me with a hard face and his tone arms folded against his chest
"Okay, don't get mad," I said giggling
"Whatever," he whispered rolling his eyes, "I don't get why Edward is starring at you, he doesn't really notice girls around this school, but I can see why, all the girls here are either gold diggers or stuck up bi. . .," he said getting angry at himself, and was getting more angry cause I was just laughing more and more
"I'm sorry," I said putting one hand on his arm and my other over my mouth, "it's just funny to look at you angry, I can't believe you’re getting mad at yourself because you can't get any girls," I said slowly stop laughing I turned away from him and I saw Edward smiling a breathtaking smile while playing with his food with his long fingers.
"The Cullen family don"t like anyone," Scott also mentioned
"Why is that?" I said turning my glare off of Edward and back to Scott
"I don't know," he said playing with the pudding still, "They don’t talk to anyone unless a teacher calls upon one of them in class, but either from that, they keep to themselves,"
"Oh," was the only word that came out of my mouth
"What class do you have next? He asked
"I have Trigonometry. What about you?"
"The same, Ironic" he said with a smile, I just had to smile back with his cute dimples
Lunch went by quick and I was really happy by that. Scott and I walked toward class, but I had to stop by my locker to get my notebook
"Where did you come from?" Scott said after telling me about going to Disney world with his family last summer.
"Alaska," I answered while closing my locker, "Juneau"
"Wow, cold" he left his gaze off of me, "is that why you're not cold right now? With your little sweater?" he said pinching the corner of the collar. I giggled.
"Yeah, make sense now?" I asked looking at him
"Much more," he said with a smirk
"You are very welcome" I said bumping into his shoulder for fun. He laughed
"Oh lady-like, I like" he said while chocking out a laugh. I had no other choice but laugh with him.
We entered our classroom, and lucky for me Scott sat alone. That Figures. We sat through class playing 21 questions because we had a substitute teacher.
"Have you ever dated a man before?" Scott asked with a sly smile
"Eh, nope, cooties," I said with a smile
"How about a girl?" he said rubbing on my shoulders with his shoulder
"No!" I said laughing & turning my head around
"Don’t lie here, I won’t judge" he said smiling
"Whatever, that's not fair you asked two questions!"
"Who cares, skip your turn" he said stretching behind his back. This guy had rocking biceps and triceps. Why do they pick on him?
"Can I ask you something?" I said looking at him serious
"i'm a virgin,” he said with a stupid smile, "Shoot,"
"Why do they pick on you, looking at your body you can beat them down," I said it took him awhile to answer.
"Because last year I beat down this kid and now his half deaf because of me," he said looking down, "I didn't mean to hurt him, I feel like a monster, he was saying stuff about my family and it irritated me. It lasted about 5 months until I actually took action about it. Every punch he took, a little blood came out. I couldn't stop, all the anger took over my body. It took about 7 teachers to take me down. I lost all my friends. Lost the love of my life, or at least that's what I thought. I lost my dignity for fighting him. I don't know who I am anymore." He was looking toward the board now not meeting my gaze.
I felt bad now I didn't know how to apologize to someone who lost everything. Why did everyone turn their back against him? Instead of support him. He was the victim. He was the prey not the predator.
"Who was the kid?" I didn't mean to ask any more questions. I was curious.
"It was the guy who dropped my lunch. They know I won't do anything anymore because they think I'm a coward now." He still didn't take his eyes off the whiteboard.
"Pity, sad how no one helped you when he picked on you but when you gave him what he deserved, everyone thinks you're the bad guy." I said still starring at his hard looking tan face. I'm not going to lie. He was very good looking. Tan, tall, beautiful chocolate eyes, black smooth hair.
"Whatever, I got a friend now," he said turning to me finally, "hopefully." He said with a smile
"Yes you do" I replied with a returning smile.
The class had ended and the day went by quicker than I expected it to. The next classes I couldn't stop thinking about Edward and Scott. Edward staring at me with such a strange look like if he was concentrated to figure me out. I thought it was cute, but creepy at the same time. I thought of Scott and how he could manage a life without knowing who he was. I was walking down to my car and I screamed.
"Ah! Scott!" I said hitting him his shoulder while he was roaring out a laugh. I turned away from with anger going through my body and I saw Edward and his family standing by a silver Volvo. He was smiling. I felt embarrassed. I wonder if he heard me.
"Your face, priceless!" he said still laughing
"I'm going to get you back!" I said starting to walk to my car again
"Wait! I’m sorry," he said putting a hand over his mouth still giggling like a child
"You're going to be sorry" I said throwing a smile at him.
"Aw! C'mon" he said walking a few feet away from me
"Chicken!" I said laughing
"Its war then" he said with a silly death glare
"Sure, whatever" I said rolling my eyes, "You don't have a car?" I asked as I got in the car and rolled down my window and he popped his head in.
"No, my engine doesn't fire up anymore and Doggies mechanic shop cost a lot around here, make sure that you don't break this beautiful car" he said admiring the color coating
"I fixed it up myself" I said with a smile on my face when he snapped his head up when I told him
"Really?" he asked astonished
"Yeah, it looked like crap when I got it from the junkyard. It took me about 2 years to fix it up."
"Wow! Your original" He said looking back to the car
"How about I help you out with your car?" he looked up at me
"You would help me?" he asked surprised
"Yes! What are friends for?" I said "Hop in" he walked around to the passenger seat and got in. I got out of the parking lot with just one more glance at Edward, he looked mad, pressing his hands against his car.
"So where are we going?" I guess he notice that we weren't going to his house. I didn't know where he lived.
"I'm kidnapping you," I said with a pleasant smile
"Oh! Fun" he said with a laugh. The whole way to my house was just pure laughter and jokes toward each other. We reached my house and pulled into the drive way
"Your momma is so fat, her pants size is 'biotech lose some weight'"I busted out laughing
"Nice one. Your momma is so ugly that not even the goldfish smile back," he was laughing
"Wow! Where have you been all my life?" he said getting out of my car still laughing
"In Alaska not wanting to be around you" I said pushing him
"Oh! I'm going home" he turning around with a smirk
"No! Remember I'm kidnapping you!" I said jumping onto his back trying to pull him down. We fell to the floor laughing
"Fine, do whatever you want to me" he said getting up and helping me up
"Okay, but first let me get a shirt and get some tools to fix your Caro" I said rolling the R
"Nice" he said following me into the house I ran up the stairs and got a shirt and changed real fast and went back downstairs. He was waiting by the door I told him to go to the garage and he went.
"I have tools you know" He said grabbing the box of tools I told him to put into the car
"Sure, but before we go to your house we need to go my mom’s shop" I saw his face go down
"Dude! I'm not going to a girl clothing store!" he said pouting his lips
"Chill! My mom's auto shop. Damn! What’s up with you it’s just girl cloths?" I said giggling at his reaction
"Your mom’s an engineer?" He asked and I nodded my head
“"about your dad?"
"He's a doctor" I said walking to the driver seat and got in and he got in too
"Shouldn't it be backwards?" he said switching his arms
"No, that's how they meet" I said backing away from the drive way
We rode to my mother shop in silence. We reached my mom auto shop and we got off. I needed some items and I stopped by the opening and I saw him. Scott kept walking and sat on a empty chair. Edward was standing against the wall and he met my gaze. He flashed a smile at me. My heart skipped a beat.
"Hey honey, ready to work?" my mom said going around the silver Volvo
"No mom, I'm going to help Scott with his car" Isaid glancing at Scott and back to Edward. What I said got him mad.
"Okay, that's very kind of you" she said smiling toward Scott and walked toward him, "Hi, I'm Victoria Beckhem, Alyson mother" She said it in such a polite tone
"Wow! You're beautiful, now I know where Alyson gets her looks from" He said shaking my mother hand when she offered it, and looking back and forth at my mother and I. I was still looking at Edward. He got angry and was holding a file cabinet. He looked back at me.
"I'll come back tomorrow, if you like, Mrs. Beckhem. I have something else to do today" He said still with anger in his eyes
"Are you sure, you can just give me about thirty more minutes and I'll be done?" my mom said worry that she might lose a customer
"It's alright. I'll leave it here." He said looking at me when he answered. I looked at him carefully. His hard diamond flat face, shining topaz eyes, pale white skin. Breath taking. He looked like a run way model. Even better. An angel. He sighed and walked out of the garage and was walking up the road.
"I can you a ride to where ever you want to go. I don't think you would want to walk without a jacket." I shouted after him. He turned around and looked at me. He took a deep breath.
"Thank you," And was walking back into the garage
"What about me?" Scott asked concerned.
"I didn’t forget you. Just give thirty minutes, I'll be back. I promise." I said with a smile
"Okay, you have another hour with me" he said with a torturing smile
"Sure, ask my mom" I said laughing when I saw his smile go down and was embarrassed.
I was walking toward my car. Edward was already at the passenger seat.
"It's open" I said while getting in the car. He got in as well.
I ignited my car to life.
"Where are we going?" I asked sitting back in my seat looking at this angel in my car.
"The school, my brother is waiting for me there." He said looking toward the road
"Okay" I said and made a u turn and drove toward the school. I wonder why he made his brother wait at the school.
"I'm Edward Cullen. It was very rude of me of not introducing myself before." He said turning to look at me. I caught I glimpse of him by the corner of my eyes
"Hello, I'm-"
"Alyson Beckhem, the new girl. You know all the guys are all over you right?" I loved the way he said my name. He made the ‘'L' sexy.
"What do you mean?" I said looking at him at a stop light
"It's not very difficult to understand" he said with a grin
"I guess for you, but I'm confused," I admitted
"Hmm . . . I think you should go now" He said with a smile and turning his head toward the road. I forgot that we were still at the stop light. Lucky for me there was not any cars behind me
"Can you please explain" I said
"You smell rather well" he said changing the subject, putting his head against the head seat and his hands into fist
"Thank you, but can you explain?" I felt my heart accelerating
"It's a small town and many of the boys here don't get to see a beautiful woman every day, till now" he said taking a deep breath when he said 'till now'. He called me beautiful. But if I were to ever compare myself to him. I would be a pig next to this goddess.
"Oh," was all that I can manage to get out of my mouth.
"Why did you move here from all the places around the world" he said not even a question. He said it to himself. Odd. I still answered it
"If you don't think I should be here, I'll leave" I can't believe I was saying this!
"I wish you could," he said rudely
"I'll try best then," I said speeding up the car. I didn't want to be in the car with him anymore. This goddess was rude. I only knew him for ten minutes and he wanted me to leave.
"I don't mean to sound rude, but can you stop smelling so edible" he said still looking at the road
"Excuse me?" I was confused. Did I look good to eat?
"You smell floral, velvet" he said grinning to himself but he still had his hands in fist.
"You like flowers?" I was getting creped out. I liked it though. I wasn't getting scared at all. I appreciated his compliments.
"Apparently, I do now" he said looking at me. We were another stop light. Two more blocks and this perfect man was out of my car
"Is that good?" I said looking into his eyes when he turned to look at me
"No" he said sternly
"Then I'll try to smell different to not bother you"
"I like you smell, don't change it,"
"Your contradicting yourself" I informed
"I'm surprised that I don't care" He said with a smile. I was starting to like his precious smile.
"Then what shall I do to not bother you?" I said taking in deep breath. He made my heart accelerate every minute.
"Drive" He said and took his eyes away from me and looked at the road again
I did what he told me to. We drove in silence till we reached the school. His brother Emmett, very oddly scary looking, was waiting by a monster jeep. I stopped right behind it. Emmett walked over to the driver seat and got in the jeep. Edward started to get out of my car. He stopped and turned around.
"I don't like the girls around here because they're not anything like you," and he shut the door with that. I sat there for about ten seconds to take it in. I drove away calmly. Does he like me? He was very confusing. Well I suspected he was. Actually, hoping was a better way to phrase it. I notice I wasn't myself. He was confusing me the whole way here. Was he messing with me? I drove to the garage and parked right by it and got out but left the engine going.

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