Brotherly Love (A Fred and George Weasley Love Story)

After Death Eaters killed her parents, Tyler Brokes dropped out of Beauxbatons and has been running away ever since. After two months she winds up in Diagon Alley, chased by two Death Eaters who are closing in fast. After hiding in a shop she gets offered a place to stay by the stores two owners. When she starts to develop feelings for them, relationships are pushed past breaking point and the phrase brotherly love is redefined.

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Chapter 2

The Burrow

by: Mikiluvsu
We appeared in a clearing facing what I thought to be was a house. It had seven floors and looked like it could fall down at any moment. Despite this I loved it. It had a warm and homely feel. Surrounding it were grasses and some trees. The whole area made me smile. It was nothing like my small townhouse in London where I use to live. This place was big and spacious and I didn't want to leave.
I looked at Fred and George who were once again staring at me. I smiled.
"Well?" Fred asked. I let go of their hands and stepped forward. I spun slowly in a small circle to get one final look and everything before answering. I turned back to them.
"I love it. How could I not?" I told them. They laughed. They both slipped their arms round my waist and we started walking towards the house. I looked up at the house again. I didn't realize at first but it was really tall. "It's really tall, seven floors, right? Do you guys have a big family or..." I trailed off. The laughed.
"You have know idea," George replied. We all laughed. We walked through the door laughing. We stop laughing. I suddenly realized that we weren't the only ones in the room. I tightened my grip on Fred and George. In the kitchen there was a short plump woman who also had red hair. Opposite the kitchen were three boys sitting and chatting in what seemed to be a living room. The tallest looked older than Fred and George also with red hair, the other two looked to be the same age. One had dark hair and glasses while the other had red hair just like the older one.
"Hi boys. How was- Oh, who's this?" The plump woman in the kitchen said. She put down a kitchen rag and walked over to us.
"Hi mum, this is Tyler," Fred began. "She doesn't have anywhere to say. Would she be-" The woman cut Fred off.
"Oh, yes, if course she can stay here. Hi deary, I'm Molly," The woman stuck out her hand. I slipped my arm from Fred's waist and shock her hand. She smiled at me. I slipped my hand back around Fred's waist.
The boys sitting on the lounges opposite the kitchen stopped talking and were now looking at me. I looked away, and focused back on Molly. She looked like she was thinking about something. Suddenly, her smile was replaced by a frown.
"Oh, I just realized, we have no spare bedrooms. You see, everyone's staying here 'til Monday when Hogwart's starts again. I'm afraid we have no spare beds in the girls room. You don't mind sharing with Fred and George in their room do you?" She asked. I looked at Fred and George who were grinning from ear to ear. I laughed.
"No I don't mind," I told her with a big smile.
"OK, let me just set up your bed, I'll be back in a moment." She disappeared up a flight of stairs. The boys were still smiling like idiots. I started laughing again. They turned red. I only laughed harder. I heard more laughing. I turned to see the group of three boys laughing too. We walked over to them. George cleared his throat.
"Um, guys this is Tyler. Tye this is Percy, Harry and Ron," George said gesturing to the guys.
"Hi," I said. They smiled. The older one stood up and came over. He stuck out his hand and said,
"Hi, I'm Percy, it's nice to meet you" I slipped my hand from Fred's waist again and shock his hand.
"Likewise," I replied. Fred and George just rolled their eyes. The boys on the lounge looked like they were trying not to burst out laughing. Percy sat back down, going a little red. The other boy with red hair smiled.
"Hey I'm Ron," He said.
"And I'm Harry," The other one added.
"Hey, nice to meet you guys," I told them smiling. They smiled back. I looked at Fred and George and they were glaring at Ron and Harry. I laughed and rolled my eyes.
Suddenly there was a lot of stomping and two girls appeared on the stair case. One had red hair and the other brown hair.
"Hey boys, apparently Fred and George brought home a hot girl and they won't let go of her. Have you seen them or anything?" the red haired girl asked loudly and out of breath. Everyone burst out laughing except Fred and George who went red and let go of me immediately. The girls looked confused until they reached the bottom of the stairs and saw me.
"Oh," they said when they saw me. Everyone laughed harder. I smiled.
"Hey, I'm Tyler, the hot girl Fred and George brought home and won't let go of... well, until a few seconds a go," I told her smiling. They both looked embarrassed. I tried to smile as nicely as I could at them to let them know that I didn't mind. The one with red hair introduced herself as Ginny and the one with brown hair said her name was Hermione. They apologized for the outburst but I told them I didn't mind. Ginny and Hermione went over and sat with Ron, Harry and Percy and they all started chatting. I wasn't really paying much attention. I was thinking about how lucky Fred and George were to have all these people around them. My thoughts were interrupted by a loud crack. A man with red hair wearing a suit appeared in the kitchen. He looked about the same age as Molly. 'He must be Fred and George's dad' I thought.
"Hello Molly, I'm home," he yelled. "Hey boys. Oh who's this?" he asked after seeing me. I smiled.
"Hi Mr. Weasley, I'm Tyler," I told him offering out my hand. He smiled and shock it.
"Um, Tye will be staying with us for a while because she doesn't have anywhere to go," Fred said nervously. Mr. Weasley smiled at me.
"You're welcome to stay with us as long as you want, Tyler," Mr. Weasley said kindly. I smiled. I looked over a Fred and George and they looked relieved.
"Thank you Sir," I told him. Fred and George came up behind me.
"You will be staying for a while, right?" George asked me, completely seriously.
"Because we would really like it if you stayed," Fred added. I could hear some giggling in the background. Obviously their conversation wasn't very interesting so Harry and Ron and everyone else started listening to ours.
"Well, I wouldn't want to intrude or anything," I replied. Fed and George both frowned.
"You could never intrude, we would be over the moon if you stayed. All of us would be," George said looking over his shoulder at Ron and Percy who were listening in very closely and trying really hard not to laugh.
"Well, if you really want me to, then, I guess I can stay for a while," I told them quietly. They smiled and hugged me. Their embrace was really nice. It was warm and soft and caring... but also really tight.
"Fred... George... Can't... Breathe," I gasped. They let go of me and laughed. I started laughing too. Soon we were all laughing including everyone sitting on the lounge. However, I noticed that whole time Mr. Weasley was staring and Fred and George and then would look a me and then back to them. I was a bit confused but tried to ignore it.
Mr. Weasley smiled at us and excused himself to the study.
Molly then came back down the stairs. She smiled at all of us.
"Well deary, I set up a bed for you in Fred and George's room. Feel free to use the bathroom to clean up if you want. There should be a towel on your bed that you can use. Just bring your clothes down and I'll wash them for you. If you don't have a change of clothes, you can borrow some of Ginny's," she told me. I thanked her but told her I had a change of clothes. She smiled and turned to Fred and George. "Boys can you show her where you room is?" They smiled and nodded.
"This way," George said as I followed Fred up the stairs. I could hear laughing but I ignored it. We climbed about three flights of stairs before we ended up in a small corridor. They led me through a door and into their bedroom. It was plain room with off white walls, a wooden floor and a big window on the far wall. Against the right wall were three beds, one with a blue quilt, one with a white quilt and one with a red quilt. On the opposite wall were two chests of draws and a desk and chair pushed into a corner. On the wall opposite to the window there was a door to an en suite.
"You bed is the white one," Fred said gesturing to the bed with the white quilt between the red and blue ones.
"Thanks," I told them. They simply nodded. I put my bag down and took off my cloak and laid it on my bed. I opened my bag and pulled out a change of clean clothes. I took off my jumper, revealing the tight black singlet I was wearing underneath. I turned back to the boys and realized that they were staring at me.
"Um, guys, you might want to leave, now. I'm about to get undressed and have a shower," I told them. They blushed which made me smile.
"Alright, we'll see you soon then," George said awkwardly. They turned and left the room. Once they were gone I stripped off the rest of my clothes, picked up the towel that was neatly folded on my bed and went to the bathroom to wash and clean up.

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