What The Hell.......(Jacob Black Love Story)

Name: Kat Yorke
Age: 16
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brunette Curly
Skin Tone: Olive
Height: 5'7
Body: Curvy
Siblings: Bella Swan
Kat was adopted

Chapter 1

Going To Visit My Sister

I was in a plane towards Port Angeles,Washington. I was going to visit my sister Isabella. She moved in with her dad about a year ago. We kept in touch, but truth be told I miss her. I was going to stay with her and her dad for a couple of months or so. I don't know who my dad is, but Renee and Phill adopted me when I was two years old. I'm greatful to call them my parents, each day is and adventure with them. Now, me and Bella are nothing alike. She is the mature responsible one while I'm the crazy can't stay still one. I heard her dad is the sheriff, which isn't good considering I'm always getting into trouble. I remember when Bella left me and mom were a mess! Bella was the one who kept me and our mom in line. I remember once when me and mom got in trouble with the cops Bella had to come and bail us out. I smiled remembering the old crazy days. "Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking, we'll be landing in about five minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts!" I quickly fasten mine, I couldn't wait to see Bella. We landed and I quickly got up to get three of my bags. I huried off the plane and started looking for Bella. "Kat!,"I heard Bella scream my name. I turned around and saw her. I dropped my bags and hugged her. "I've missed you so much!,"I said. "Me too!,"she said. Then I noticed she wasn't alone. Beside her was a tall handsome man. "Kat this is my boyfriend Edward the one I've been telling you about,"she said. "Hi,"I simply said. "Its a pleasure to finally meet you,"he said. "Same here,"I said. I picked up my bags. "Let me help you with those,"said Edward. "Sure,"I said handing them to him. "Well I still have like four more bags I need to pick up,"I said walking over where the bags were. I quickly found mine and Bella helped me with two. We walked out and Bella and Edward walked up to nice volvo. Edward opened the trunk and put my bags in. We got in the car and Edward sped off. "Edward slow down,"Bella said. "Are you scared?,"asked Edward smiling. "For my little sister,"she said. "Oh don't be, I usually drive faster than this,"I replied like it was no big thing. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. "So your dad is a sheriff?,"I asked her. "Yes,and you better not get in problems with him!,"she said. "No promisses,"I said with an innocent smile. "I already like your sister...she reminds me of Emmett,"said Edward smiling. "Everybody likes me,"I said with a smile. "And talking about that....how is Mat?,"she asked. I felt a bit of pain in my chest. Mat used to be my boyfriend, that is until he cheated on me with my supposed best friend, and not to mention how he treated me. I thought he was the one but I guess I was wrong. "Ummm...we are not together anymore,"I simply replied. "Oh,"was all she said. By now we stoped infront of a house I recognized from Bella's baby pictures. "Here we are,"said Bella getting down. I quickly grabbed my bags and entered the house. It was freezing outside. "Dad we're back,"Bella called out. I heard someone coming our way. "Hello my name is Charlie,"he said as soon as he saw me. "Hi I'm Kat,"I said. "Well, come on Kat let's go upstairs to our room,"said Bella. "Oh right. We have to share the room,"I said as I followed Bella upstairs. When I entered I saw two beds one agaisnt the wall and the other agaisnt the window. "I'm guessing this one is mine,"I said putting my stuff on the bed agaisnt the window. The covers were gray and blue, my two favorite colors. "Yeah it is,"she said. "Well I have to go hunt with my family but we'll be back by tonight,"said Edward looking at Bella. "Okay,"replied Bella. "Bye love,"he told her giving her a kiss in the forehead before leaving. "He seems like a great guy,"I said. "He is!,"she replied sitting down on her bed. "And what about Jacob?,"I asked. She told me evrything about Jacob. How he was there for her when Edward left and how they don't speak anymore. Not since he ratted her out about the motorcycle. "I seriously don't want to talk about it,"she simply said tracing the pattern in her quilt. "Bella from what you told me he is a great friend who deserves your forgiveness!! He was there when Edward wasn't,"I simply told her. Not that I wanted to be mean, but it is the truth. "I know....but things are more complicated than you think,"she said looking straight into my eyes. "You know what you need?.....a night out with your sister,"I said before she could replied. "No thanks the last we did that you almost got arrested,"she replied smiling. "Hey that old lady started it!,"I said. "Kat she was 57!,"she said. "So that's old to me,"I said. She simply smiled and shook her head. "So yes?,"I asked her. "Actually Edward's family wants to meet you,"she simply replied with a smile that was her pleading smile. "What? Why would they want to meet me?,"I asked. "Because they do, I'm sure you'll love them,"she said. "Fine....when?,"I asked her. "Tonight,"she said. I got up and opened my clothe bag. I got a thight blue shirt with some dark fadded jeans and my favorite white shoes. I went into the only bathroom of the hous,now that's gonna be a problem,and changed. When I got back Bella was wearing the same thing. "You aren't gonna change?,"I asked her. "Not really.......so how are mom and Phill?,"she asked. "Mom and dad are great,"I said. She seemed happy to hear about it. "Oh here this is from them,"I said handing her a scrapbook of pictures of them and me in them. She opened it and laughed at the first one. It was when me and mom got arrested. "They thought you would like to know what happened when you left,"I simply said sitting next to her. "Its nice to see,"she replied with a smile as she looked at the pictures. My phone started vibrating, I looked at it and it was Mat. I quickly ignore his call and put the phone in my pocket. Bella just stared at me. "Unknown caller,"I lied. She nodded. Then we heard a hink outside. "That must be Alice,"said Bella going downstairs. I follwed her. "We'll be back before 11,"Bella told Charlie. He grumbled something, but I couldn't make out the words. I saw a yellow Porche in the front yard. "Nice car,"I said putting my hands in my jacket. "Thanks,"said a pixie like girl. She had Edward's characteristics, they must be related. "Alice this is my sister Kat....Kat this is Edward's sister Alice,"said Bella. "Hi its a pleasure to meet you....I can tell we are going to be great friends,"she said hugging me. I stood there not expecting this. Her skin was cold, but I guess its because of the weather. "Umm...sure,"I said as she let go of me. "Alice take it easy on her,"I heard Bella whisper at her. "So your car is really cool,"I said. "You wanna drive it?,"she asked. "Sure,"I said smiling big. "Absolutely not,"said Bella ast the same time. "Okay,"said Alice. I looked at Bella and she just smiled. We got in and drove off. We arraived to this beautiful house, it actually took my breath away. We entered and Edward quickly went next to Bella. "Hi Bella,"almost everybody said. "Hey guys this is my sister Kat...Kat this are the Cullens,"said Bella. "Um...hey,"I said. "Well to be more formal this is Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle,"said Alice. I simply smiled feeling a tad bit awkward. "This must be awkward,"said Jasper. "Exactly how I'm feeling right now,"I said. "So your Bella's little sister....are you as clumsy as her?,"asked Emmett. "Absolutely not,"I said with a smile, feeling a bit more relax. "You don't seem like sisters,"said Rosalie. "That's because I'm adopted,"I said. "Really?,"asked Carlisle. "Yeah Phill aka dad and Renee aka mom adopted me when I was two and Bella was four,"I said. "That explains a lot,"said Rosalie. "Yeah....so your not clumsy...because having one Bella is a laugh but having two...,"said Emmett. "Sorry but no I'm actually verry athelic,"I said. "But she is definitely crazy,"said Bella. "Really?...how?,"asked Emmett. "Let's just say she won't take anything from nobody...not even from an old lady,"said Bella. "Hey she hit me with her cane!,"I said. Emmett laughter boomed through the room. "Tell me everything that happened,"he said. We started to talk and everybody laughed and asked questions. I was really enjoying myself. Whenwe left everybody gave me a hug. "Can't wait till you two come back,"said Emmett. Edward drove us home. I left them alone and went up to our room. I changed into my Pj's and layed on my bed. Bella came up thirty minutes later Bella came up stairs. "Hey you still awake?,"she asked. "What do you think,"I told her. "So tomorrow I was thinking we should visit Jake......Charlie really wants me too,"she said. "Sounds fun,"I said faking a yawn. I really didn't feel like talking. "Night,"said Bella. "Night,"I said............

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