My story By Susanna Cates

My story By Susanna Cates

this may be the est story i have ever written so plz read it and tell me what you think and plz no comments saying you hate it or dont like it if you do keep it to yourself.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My life

“You are clearly an arrogant little brat,” he said holding his wand at me menacingly. “I’m sorry papa!! I didn’t mean to say that!” I yelled back he laughed and yelled the worst curse imaginable…the Killing curse. I screamed holding my little sister back with a look and passed out on the ground hoping papa wouldn’t kill Haley like he did me.
That was five years ago and now I managed to find my six year old sister Haley and we live on our own…well sort of we had found many families who would take us in but all had an abusive brother or father in them. The sister and/or mother would always take care of us and treat us like family. We are currently on the streets looking for a way to find some money for food. Haley was clinging to my arm sitting down with me as I played my guitar the last family had given me and sang True Friend by Hannah Montana. I was getting a lot of attention and quite a bit of money. I always sang now. It was a sure fire way to get enough money for food for me and Haley because of the people in London being impressed a ten year old could sing like a twenty year old. When I finished singing the crowded around me clapped and asked for more I smiled and nodded. I started singing Who Says also by Hannah Montana. I truly loved singing and apparently so did the rest of London loved it when I sang because I sang everywhere. As soon I finished that song everyone clapped more and a man with bright red hair came up to me and my sister (who also loved hearing me sing) and started talking to us. “Where are your parents girls?” he asked us I looked up at him and my lip quivered a little remembering that my father hated me and my mother got murdered by the very same man my father calls master. “Th-they are…” I hesitated debating whether or not I should tell him the truth or if I should tell him what I told every family I have ever tried living with, that they left me and my little sister, “Well?” he said interrupting my thoughts.
“They left me and my sister behind five years ago,” I decided to tell him and he looked at me with pity. That’s what I hated about muggles, they always thought pity was the best option. “Why don’t you come with me, I am Arthur Weasley by the way,” he said and started helping me put my stuff away. I grabbed the money out of my guitar case and put it in my enchanted pockets. “I am Samantha Goyle and this is my sister Hayley,” I said properly putting my guitar in it’s case. When we finally had my stuff put away and the crowd cleared away realizing I was probably going to have a new home and it wouldn’t be them. I followed Mr. Weasley to a rundown blue car he put my guitar case in the trunk and me and Hayley got in.

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