New Account?

New Account?

Chapter 1

*Multiple Groans of Hunger And Of Being Too Lazy To Get Up and Walk 10 Feet To Get Some Food "Shame On You Anna Shame On You"*

Hello children... :P :)

Okay, so! Here's the deal!

I have almost 400 friends (compared to some of you that isn't much but yeah...) And having almost 400 friends means lots of messages.

At the moment I have exactly... 239. And yes, I have been on everyday this week. Normally, I would just try to take care of them as quickly as possible and then when they were gone I'd be all set and happy and all that.

But this has been going on for a while now... Once I'm down to a respectable amount of messages, like 30, I'll be all happy and contented. But then the next day I have like 125 more messages. (Also I'm lazy.)

Don't worry! I'm not saying like "DON'T SEND ME ANYTHING ANYMORE I HATE ALL YOUR SUCKISH QUIZZES AND STORIES ABOUT HAPPY POTTER (The boy who laughed XD) NO ONE LIKES HARRY POTTER EXCEPT THAT WEASLEY-FACE AND A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE BUT THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE HIM LIKE ME AND......" You get the point! I'm not saying that at all! You guys know I would never say that. Besides, Harry Potter is awesome :D

What I'm saying is I want to make a new a new account, so I could just, you know, "start fresh". And I would give you the link to it (obviously) ALSOOOOO, I was thinking then when you people friend request me I would delete this one :3

But before I do ANYTHING, I just wanted to, like, ask you guys first and let you state your opinion XD


√ Should I make a new account?
√ Should I delete this one after I make a new one?
√ Should I not make a new one and just keep this account and suck it up and stop being lazy? (I'm going to kill you if you pick this one :P Jk it's a free country and I respect your opinions :D)
√ Should I make a new one but not delete this one?


(P.S. Sorry if I sounded too serious :3

P.P.S. I mayyy just keep this one after all, but it depends. :P So yeah XD :P)


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