In Loving Memory

As you all know, the Harry Potter books have come to a close, and the final movie comes out tonight. So in my dark sorrow I have come to realize there are some people who deserve a memorial of their couragousness. If you want to write one for whatever character you feel deserves one message me and I will let you write the next chapter.

Chapter 1

We Shall Miss You

Here's to the boy who grew up in an unpleasant home, with clothes that didnt fit him, knowing that he didnt belong. Here's to the teenager who fell inlove with the pretty redhaired girl. Here's to the teenager who had to deal with the bullies of Hogwarts everyday. Here's to the man who fought for what was right in the dark times of Voldemort's uprising. Here's to the bravest man the wizarding world had ever seen. Here's to the man who followed Dumbledore's instructions to victory and saving all of us muggles who are reading this right now. Here's to the man who got unbelievably close to Voldemort even though it was probably the most dangerous thing he had ever done, and all of it was for love.

Here's to you.....Severus Snape, we will miss you.


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