Living in The Darkness:Werewolves of The Clans

A half Indian half black 15year old girl named Jacketta Jaxsen finds out this:She's a werewolf. but she doesn't know who her real mother and father is...and meets a 19 year old boy named Michael....

Chapter 1

Insainty Is That It?

Everybody calls me Jackettainsanea.Why? Because I have long fangs and love the full moon.I can see in the dark and I have pointed ears.I have no clue who my real mother was...or my dad. I have 9 brothers and sisters. But anyway...I was sitting there watching Michael Jackson doing the thriller dance,when someone knocked on the door."Jacketta get door!" My mother called. I open up the the door. I jumped back in was my brother Mikhail. "Jacketta you scared the fire with your glowing wolf teeth and eyes!" I rolled my eyes. Everybody said I had dark brown wolf moon eyes. "Oh yeah Michael said hi to you." I stared at him in confusion. "Who?" "Oh never mind you probley don't know him".
I was still thinking about this "Michael" was.I thought about myself at a full moon all of sudden. Everything was normal but at a full moon I go walking and I black out. I wake up and I'm at my bedroom.Then mom comes and tells me 23 people has gone missing last night. I never knew what happend.

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