The Top 15 Things I'll Miss About Harry Potter

I'm crying :(
Only One more day until my childhood is dead.
So I decided to make this Story, to tell you all what I'll miss, even if I'll miss everything.

Chapter 1

Top 15

15. Getting to Read Another Book ~ I am really going to miss running down to the bookstore to get a Harry Potter book, and the eagerness of turning the page.

14. Ron and Hermione ~ Their love for each other was simply fabulous. Honestly, it was an awesome Love/Hate relashionship that got in knots yet still managed to become one of the cutest couples in book history.

13. Harry and Ginny ~ My second favorite couple, I will miss their devotion and sacrafice for each other. Also, how cute it was when Harry got jealous when she was dating other boys. I just thought that was so cute!

12. The Sorting ~ First thing of Harry Potter I remember - The Sorting. Slytherin was always the house I remembered, but maybe that was because of Ferret Face Malfoy.

11. The Great Hall and Banquets ~ No way will I ever forget the Great Hall. The enchanted ceiling, the Feasts, Everything will stay with me forever.

10. The Gryffindor Common Room ~ Am I being Sirius? Yes. I will totally miss the warmth and friendliness of that particular place.

9. Quidditch ~ Wow. I love Quidditch, and if it were allowed in these awful Muggle schools, I'd join. The Quidditch feild was pretty awesome, too.

8. Remus and Tonks ~ By far my favorite couple. Holy Pumpkin Juice were they cute. I was esatic when Lupin announced the Birth of Teddy. Plus, Remus is awesome and Tonks is just...amazing!

7. The Magical Creatures ~ Hagrid taught us that even the oddest creatures can change us in ways. And, honestly, the creatures in this book changed the way I looked at certain things. Who says Phoenix's aren't real?! Or Hippogriffs?!

6. The Classes and Professors ~ I will miss McGonagal, Flitwick, Everyone. Those Professors taught me good life lessons.

5. Severus Snape ~ I never liked Snape. He seemed like such a Butt Trumpet. But behind Sour Grape is an amazing, brave, courageous man who was a truely cool dude. I raise my Butterbeer glass to you, Professor.

4. The Train Ride ~ This was always the coolest part for me. The Hogwarts Express was so breathtaking! And I craved Sugar Quills all the time thanks to the Trolly....

3. The Beautiful Life Lessons ~ Dumbledore was such a wise man. And it gets me everytime "Love, Harry, Love". Love is our only light against Evil. And Neville? Neville showed us that there is courage in all of us, even if we are shy and isolated.

2. The Super Awesome Duels, Villans, and Hero's ~ The action in Harry Potter is fantastic. The Villans are the best, brilliant in their own unique ways. The Hero's were epic and brave.

1. Young Harry ~ This is the reason I cry. I think about the young boy from the cupboard, who's nerve and daring spirit gave hope in many. How young he was to realize it was his fate to kill Voldemort. I can remember how innocent Harry was. How abused Harry was. And yet he shone like diamonds in everything he did. Now he is 17, risking his life for the ones he loved, even his enemy's. How wonderfully brave he was. I raise my wand to The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter, and the amazing adventures he endured.

Yep, I'm crying. What's it to you? Harry Potter will burn violently in my heart with its eternal flame. My children will know who he is, and the adventures Harry, Ron, and Hermione went on.

J.K Rowling, I salute you. You are a brilliant woman who made a light shine on me and all of the people here.

Readers, I thank you for helping Harry Potter thrive, and for your devotion to help it stay burning.

I sound stupid, don't I? Alright, I'm done.

May Dumbledore's Army Forever Have Its Mischief Managed,



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