Some More Truthful (or Turtle) Things.

Chapter 1

chapter title :)

Height: Five foot, six inches. Im fourteen, but that is really short for my family's standards

Shoe Size: 9's to 10.5's

S/e/x_u_al Orientation: Straight.

Do you Smoke? Ummm. . . Ew.

Do you Drink? A sip here and there.

Do you Take Drugs? Yes. Midol, Ibuprofen, and allergy meds. what? they're drugs we mean the bad drugs! y'all must be more specific! No.

Age you get mistaken for: 15 or 16 mostly

Have Tattoos? No :(

Want any tattoos? Uhuh!! :D

Got any Piercings? ears

Want any piercings? maybe

Relationship status: Single :(

Favorite Movie: The Blind Side, The Pacific, and Wall-E :)

Someone you miss: My cousins :( I rarely see them ever.

A fact about your personality: Im insane, but insane people dont think they are insane, so Im not insane :)

What I hate most about myself: low self esteem

What I love most about myself: humour, and creativity :)

What I want to be when I get older: a Historian :)

My relationship with my sibling: Dont got any.

My relationship with my parents: Pretty good actually. I don't normally butt heads with them, but there are times of course.

What I hate the most about school: some teachers, and sometimes when rumours and other things go around.

What my last text message says: I dont have texting, but I will soon :) I hope. . .

What words upset me the most: Mean words. All of them. Especially when they are used the wrong way.

What words make me feel the best about myself: When people call me funny or smart

A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: I've never wished on 11:11

What I find attractive in guys: a pulse and a sense of humour.

Where I would like to live: North Dakota, or Iowa.

My childhood career choice: a Paleotologist and Author.

My favorite ice cream: Moose Tracks

Who I wish I could be: Noone but myself.

Where I want to be right now: In a book

The last thing I ate: cereal


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