The Tells Of Living:Clan Wolves

Credit to Scorn who help me ideas to this book :D

Chapter 1

Hunting Cats

We are wolves said black shewolf behind the gray wolf."We are searching the clans of wolves not clan cats!" I know Nightpelt but we can't risk get slashed to prices!" The gray wolf argued. "Honestly GrayStripe you are fussy you need to go back to WaterClan if your like that." When GrayStripe didn't answer she added:Because they are just like you" . A blue-gray with red tail tip wolf came up "Well DarkStar what do you think?" Nightpelt asked. You two should come because we are getting destroyed by those twolegs!" Darkstar said. Nobody moved when DarkStar got up and left. "WaterClan is really getting destroyed?" GrayStripe asked when DarkStar left. "All clans are getting destroyed you mean!" Nightpelt corrected him. "So that means LightingClan AirClan WaterClan DarkClan are getting affected?" GrayStripe asked. "Yes of course you mousebrained!" Nightpelt snapped and she walked away from him. This was only the beginning.....


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