They Slipped Away [Starkid: Brian Rosenthal Story]

They Slipped Away [Starkid: Brian Rosenthal Story]

Okay. I was sick of no one having a Brian Rosenthal story up anywhere, so here is one made by me.

Thanks BigJ40_starkid_lover for the suggestion :P

Using myself as the character xD

Name: Stormy Sherwood
Age: 19
Height: 5' 6 or 7... lets go with 6 1/2 NO 6 3/4 Si!
Hair Color: Really Dark Brown, almost black.
Skin: Can't get a tan to save her life.

(To be competely honest guys, My name is actually Cassandra Stormy Sherwood, but I go by Stormy, and Im only really 14 and 5'0) :D

Chapter 1

The Good 'Ol Days

I looked out of the plane window on a rainy day, just thinking about him. It all started after the first few months of sixth grade.....

In school one day, I passed by him. He was pretty tall, and had the most gorgeous brown eyes. Not to mention he had a perfect personality: he was friendly, fun, and he was an awesome friend. I just wished he could have seen me for what I really felt for him- love.

Later that day, he went up to me.

"Hey, are you ready to go to English?"

This wasn't surprising. Seeing as we had the same English class, he often walked there with me.

I gave him a big smile. "Sure. Let's go." We started walking.

Oh, you should know that his name was Brian.... Rosenthal.... Brian Rosenthal. I called him Rosey a lot, though. I liked the fact that he'd get upset whenever I called him by that nickname, Eh... and it was better than Brian.

In English, we took our seats; which happened to be right next to each other. It was sheer dumb luck that our English teacher had put us right next to each other, I had been ecstatic the day she had been assigning new seats and then announced that I was right next to him.

The bell rang, and then the teacher went off into some boring lecture about grammar. Being as boring as it was, I put my right elbow on my desk so I could rest my head on my hand. Rosey (or Brian) did the same, but with his left hand, which was the side closer to me. And as the lecture went on, my elbow slid along the desk; so did Rosey's. And within seconds our elbows were touching, and the tingling sensation began. It was just a light touch, a simple caress. But it sent tingles up my arm whenever it happened, like volts of electricity. It happened quite a lot lately. And the best part was that he didn't try to pull away; either he didn't feel it, didn't mind it, or enjoyed it...... or quite a few minutes. I was surprised that our tablemates hadn't noticed anything by now.

As the end-of-class bell rung, I was still giddy with the pleasure that touch had brought. I was surprised no one said anything as I left the class with Rosey by my side.

Well, that was back then. I have no clue what went wrong. We were actually extremely great friends after that, although I always wished for more. Well hoped really. We spent practially every waking moment together during summer vacation, then even though we were put into seperate pods during seventh grade, we still hung out at any chance we could get. But as luck may have it, the deadly eighth grade came rolling on in, and just.... brought a whole bunch of thunder clouds with it. Lame way to describe it, I guess.... but hey, thats all I got and thats always how I use to think about it back then.

We hung out for the first two weeks, then BOOM!! It all just stopped. No texts, no calls, no Hello's, no waves... nothing. It all just went KUBOOM! I didn't know what had happen, and everytime I tried to talk to him about it, he'd always give me either death glares or big grouchy huffs. I know right!?! He actually HUFFED at... ME. Like a dog... woof woof. Or a Squrriel with rabies! Hehe. I like that second explaination better.
No time for joking! This is a story, not a stand up comedian act.
Yeah! Haha! Your a Idiot.
Oh shut up and get on with it!
No! Since your being so mean!

Wait, am I seriously having a debate inside my head? Oh god. Help me.

You cut ME off by the way!

Seriously...... O_O
Okay... Fine, Fine, Fine... just continue.

Right.... okay so... back to what I was saying...

After a few months of constant calling and messaging and popping out of random places where he didn't expect it at school and what not, I gave up. I lost hope. Most importantly... I lost my best friend. All for reasons unknown. All that broke my heart.

So now I sit in a airplane, listening to music... Im here.... Just thinking of the Good 'Ol Days....
Thanks to all who read this short chapter... man Im tired. Thank you Rockymay aka BigJ40_starkid_lover for helping me by telling me to write a Brosenthal story. I was telling her how it ticked me off that NO one wrote any so she suggested I did. I let the idea sink in for like an hour, and now.... HERE IT IS.
And it will suck major monkey dill pickles... :P But, Ill try my very darnedest!
OH LOOK! IM BLEEDING! O_O oh my god.. that was just a starkid reference and Im actually bleeding... hah... :P

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