.i. = Introduction.
Here are some famous people I see in my mind as my characters
(some are only descriptive)
MARLENE- Ashley Benson
SIR DARTHY- Paul Walker
EMMA- A girl with short honey brown hair, hazel eyes.
JANI- Kristen Stewart
CADE- Tall 16 yr old boy, long black hair and dark blue eyes.
LANCE- Mid-aged man, brown cropped messy hair, brown eyes.

Chapter 1

1. Bitter Sweet Dreams

by: Moco
.i. Impossible things can happen. Inevitable happenings are deranged. Deranged moments are irreplaceable. That's why I let my dark side take the best of me. Because most moments that don't make sense to anyone else, mean a lot to a certain set of people. And can make a difference in the end.


Sir Darthy, my father, leads me up the winding marble stairs for King Alem's third festival for the kingdom. Father tells me not to do what I do. But how can I not? It's not like all of us have to follow the rules. Everything I do is wrong, but I like it. This festival is sure to be thrown out by me, and I expect to be kicked out. Thankfully. "Marlene," Father looks at me. "If you could please, not ruin this festival. It's very embarrassing and I--" I cut him off. "No worries, Father."

The table is long and covered in a banquet. Food of all sorts cover the table. Only certain foods are for the men, and some for women. Kingdom rules, remember? Just wait, there are more ludicrous laws to cover. When I walk in the room, all the people are quite. The women stare and the men glower. One of the girls look just in touch with her own things rather than to notice me, she laughs at her plate. I don't know why, but it makes me laugh too. Even though nothing is that funny. She looks around eighteen or so. She looks at me, eyes worried and she gasps ever so slightly. As if I was the wrong person to join in laughter with. Her face flushes, and she goes back to her plate. I only recognize her dark brown hair that shields staring eyes from her.

"Marlene, sit down please." Father says. I look at him, his blue eyes as deep as mine. He is King Alem's assistant, and tries to keep his role. He won't tell me how my mother died, but when she did my sister couldn't handle it, I guess. So she ran away. No letters, no goodbyes, no hugs. Gone. I wish he'd tell me about mother. "Marlene..." He whispers, pointing to the large regal chair. I sit down, nodding. I felt the need to throw out Alem's festival for the third time. Make him look dumb.

I took a flower cookie from a plate, and put it in my lap. The girl who laughed with me before, laughs again. Smiling. She must have felt the same need because she grabs five flower cookies. Women in the kingdom were not allowed to eat cookies, and some other dumb foods we don't even like. But It's kind of wrong, you know. Why can't we have the freedom men do? I guess we have too many sugar rushes. So much that we can take down the kingdom? Oh well. Her and I are in this together, no matter what happens to me. I grab some more cookies, take a nibble, and set it in my lap.
A boy with cropped blond curls sitting four seats down from the girl, looks at me. I give him a crazy look to make him mad. And he is. I eat one cookie whole in one bite to repulse him, and to mock him. He stood up fast, pointing at me. "Guards!" He says in one short second. What now? A few hours in a cell, I expect. Never cared, really.

The brunette girl looks at me, shocked. Expecting me to do something about the guards rushing towards me. Her green eyes looked away as if she did nothing wrong. I stand up, too. Laughing. I sigh and look around, the room is completely quiet. "Is that what it takes?" I laugh again, looking at my feet. "Pointing someone out?" Utter silence. "Is that what it takes for you to look good?" He sweats and finally makes eye contact with me. "One more thing. Say hello to the devil for me, I can't wait to meet him for myself." The guards grab my arms from behind me. Locking me in their grip. Taking me out the door, I stop, turning myself in the people's direction. "Ladies, may you do the honor?" I give the women an expecting look, they grin ever so slightly. They know me gingerly for my uprisings in events, and they love to attend. I Give the King and the men an evil look, and kick the door open to leave. I can hear the women throwing healthy food that they're supposed to eat at the men and taking the food they want most. I love that feeling, and I hope the girl I laughed with was having fun. I hope I could meet her sometime.

I was outside by now, the light was dim from the sun. A few fun hours in a cell with the people I relate to. No matter. I was laughing at the guards, they didn't need to hold me so tight. I'm not going anywhere.

I'm waiting now, just being pulled. Until I see something strange. A winding tunnel made of rock. I can't see inside it, but it's no cell. Leading into it, is a long line of people. Women wearing a white tank top and brown shorts. Men wearing white tee's and longer brown shorts. This must be some punishment for people like me who do the wrong things over and over again. I recognize some people, but there's one person I try to see clearly. Someone close to me...

My mother, alive. In line...


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