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Chapter 5

I Update Because I Care :)


It's been a while!! I know, I know, the story stuff. Well, I know I've promised you more Baby It's You, but I lost the flash drive I kept all of it on. X( I'm currently searching, and anyone who has information to its wheareabouts gets a virtual hug and a story dedication. :D Aside from that, I am working on TWO other stories, one McLennon story and a surprise idea I came up with I hope you guys will like. :)
The only worry I have is about the McLennon story. I don't really believe John and Paul had a romantic relationship, but I'm a hardcore McLennon fan. The worry I have is that not many other people do. I don't know how many homophobes are on Quibblo, but the LAST thing I want to hear is some preachy statement about how being gay is a sin and that I'm going to Hell for writing this and blah blah blah... the point is, I'm not going to deal with drama over something that's supposed to be fun. I'm just not gonna deal with it. I'm still writing the story, but it's being considered whether or not I will publish it.

Speaking of publishing... I don't know how many of you are part of the Quibblo Rebellion, but I don't buy into the bullshit. It kind of seems self-rightious. "Oh my gosh, Quibblo's gonna take credit for my work and it's so good I wanna publish it someday!!" I highly doubt it. I think I'm a pretty good writer, but I don't consider anything I've posted here "publishable." Sure, I'd like to be a writer someday, but I kind of doubt Quibblo's going to ruin that for me. Anyway, most of Quibblo stories are fan fiction, which you're gonna have enough trouble publishing anyway, because you already half-stole and idea from someone else... and anything else you just have to put a discliamer on. Just say, "oh hi I'm _____ _______ and I wrote this story." Nothin' to it.

Ok, no more serious stuff. :) Maybe I'm just being an attention whore, but my Xmas was great, expecially with the war being over. :) I didn't get a lot because I got my iPhone for my birthday this year, but I love what I got, which includes two John Lennon shirts, a Nirvana shirt, the remastered "Some Girls" album by the Rolling Stones, the "Living in the Material World" book by Olivia Harrison, $100 gift card to Best Buy, a (p)leather jacket that I like to think makes me look like a Teddy Girl, and $240 in iTunes cash, which I've already spent $80 of the Beatles Anthology Box Set, which is, in a word, AMAZINZG. :D I now have over 300 Beatles songs on my iPod, and I love every one. I'm a horder. Of Beatles songs. XD But aside from that, I hope everyone had good holidays, or just a good break from school/work if you don't celebrate anything. :)

And finally, to ring in the new year, I got a hair cut. :D I know, I know, most of you don't even know what I look like, but I just like telling people. It kind of looks like Joan Jett's haricut, except less big, blond with a red streak in it. :D I'm geeking over it because I just got it today, so I apologize. :) I might post a picture in my album, if you can find it through all the Beatles stuff. XD

Anyway, 2012! Live it like it's your last, because it just might be! XD

All my loving,

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