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Chapter 2

It's About Time

Hello again,

Cable came back :D Yay! Thank god, it was like living in the Stone Age. Lol no, I'm being dramatic. Still, good to be back. :) Stories should be up soon, as soon as I write them...
And I have a question, mainly for my fellow Beatle people and Bieber haters. What do you think of that band from Nickelodeon, Big Time Rush? They just seem like four bad imitations of Bieber himself to me. Their show is not funny, and he acting is awful, but the worst part is the music. It's a carbon copy of everything on the charts today. 16 year olds singing about love? How original.
Just though I would ask. I needed to vent a little, girls at my school love them, and I can't stand them.
Hi and bye! :)


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