see above title ^^

Chapter 1

Screw Cable :P

hey guys

Just a heads up, my stupid cable company shut me off. Don't worry, I'm not poor or anything, we were just late on one payment, they gave us one warning and then shut us off the next day.
And I repeat, screw cable. I want dish.
But my TV doesn't work because of it, I can't call anyone of my home phone, and worst of all, NO INTERNET. :(
And on my bday 2 :'(
But luckily, my awesome parents got me an IPHONE (!!) and I can check Quibblo from here. But typing with this thing is a pain in the as_, so my stories are out of the question until we get cable back. So I just thought I'd let u guys know. The cable could be up any day now, but with the dumbas_es that work at that place, Im not holding my breath. :P
Anyway, I miss u guys already!! See ya when I see ya!

(more commonly known as Nowhere_Girl or whatever my current nickname is)

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