Carlise Cullen's lost daughter

This is the untold story about Morgan Carlotta Cullen who was taken from her family and adpoted by another vampire family and the twists and turns that life throws at them.

Chapter 1


Name: Morgan Carlotta Walker (nee Cullen)
Age: Visibly 17 (really 102)
History:In the war that was fought between the Cullens and Newborns she was hidden in a forrest to keep her safe. But when the Cullens were fighting she was taken by two other vampires called Carol Cassidy-Walker and her husband Rob Walker. The adopted her but when she was old enough to understand that she wasn't theirs they gave her the pictures of the family(Cullens)that were her real ones and she carries them around with her everywhere they moved.As she grew older Rob became physical abusive towards Morgan.She was beaten hashly if she was seen outside the house which she was often.To this day Rob and Carol work for Victoria and her twisted sister Saphire their job to kill Morgan and take her body to the cullens.


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