Please Read! (Its nothing bad!) (Well. . . Depends on how you look at it)

Chapter 1

Look dooowwwwnnnn theeerrrreeeeee! Not heeeerrrrreeeeee!

My friend, Izzy, is out of state, so I can't ramble about this with him. . . Soooo, you guys are stuck with it. SUX 2 B U! jk.

So, one day, I was talkin' to my friend, Izzy, on the phone, and he was all like:
"You need a new guy to like." previously, I had a major crush on this guy who shall be called Bob, who is a total jerk
"I dont got noone else to like" Me
And then Izzy starts rattlin' off all the guys he knows, then I say no short guys. (That might sound bad, but I am fat and self-conscience)
"You should talk to Richard!" Izzy Then, goes to talk about how great he is and all that. Me, Im a little resistant, because Izzy tries to do this every once in a while (set me up with a guy he knows). But I say sure, then I gotta go with my dad.
When I get back, my mom says there is a messege for me on the phone, and that Izzy called. I listen to the messege (its from the Richard guy), and my dad looks at me and says he sounds like a moron. (The messege just said to call him back).
I call Izzy, and add the Richard guy on Facebook (he accepted right away, just thought I should mention that).
And that day, me and him (not Izzy) talked a little bit on the phone.

I was talking to Izzy (yet, again) and he says that Richard thinks I'm really pretty and he likes me (facebook pictures). (I think he's cute) Izzy reads me a few of the texts between him and Richard.

And he really likes me.

I like him.

Last night we talked on the phone for awhile. Just about random stuff.

And, I am seriously blushing as I am writing this.

But, keep in mind, we've only talked on the phone a couple times, and we have never actually met in person.

Should I be concerned? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading the whole thing. :)

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