The Final Words - Harry Potter

I'm so emotional today...

Chapter 1

A Thank You to My Dearest Friends

Here are my final goodbye's to the bestest friends I have ever had.

Hagrid You may be a half giant, but your heart is certainly whole. I will miss how caring, kind and loyal you are. Good bye, my friend.

Professor McGonagal You have shown that anyone who has a tough outside can also have a soft inside. Your nobility and kindness will always be fresh in my mind when you're gone.

Mrs. Weasley You have taught me that kindness and caring can be hiding a feisty and brave person. I thank you for prepairing me for the unexcpected.

Mr. Weasley You have shown me curiosity, even in the most strangest things, makes a person. I will always remember your curious mind.

Bellatrix Lestrange You have shown me that loyalty is pure, but not always appreciated. I'll take the warning, Bella.

Luna Lovegood She has shown me to be myself. Even though Luna was so odd, she stayed that way. I thank her for her bravery in herself.

Neville Longbottom What a long run, Neville. You have taught me that no one is a coward, that everyone is their own hero inside.

Ronald Weasley You were always so loyal to your friends. Though your temper throughout the series was a pain, I learned from you that its okay to feel Jealousy and anger, as long as you have friends who understand.

Hermione Granger I have learned so much from you. Mainly that no matter who you are, stay true to yourself. Never change who you are for the public.

Dobby Dobby has taught me to help people in need, no matter the conseqeunces. I raise my wand to Dobby, A Free Elf.

Lupin You have taught me that even if you have another side to you, you can still be loyal to yourself and your friends.

Sirius You have taught me that bravery, caring and carelessness of yourself make a strong person.

Voldemort You have taught me determination, and to never give up on your goals.

The Weasley Children Your dreams are yours, and no one can stop them from happening but yourself. Thats what you taught me. Thank you.

Albus Dumbledore You taught me to never give up on myself. To believe in myself the whole way through, even in dark times, and a light will come.

Severous Snape My good sir, you have taught me nothing else but pure bravery and compassion. You truely are a hero.

Harry Potter Harry. You have taught me the greatest lessons of all: Love, Hope, Faith, and Courage. You have risked your life to save countless lives from evil. When I see how much you've grown, those four words hit me. Throughout your adventures, you have grown strong. You have loved people. You have had hope and faith in things that seemed unreal. Your courage was truely hard to believe it could be real. Harry Potter. Thank you.

I feel like I'm saying Goodbye to a long time friend. Yet I know they will always be there for me when I need them.

As JK Rowling once said,
"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

May Dumbledore's Army Forever Have Its Mischief Managed,



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