Harry Potter, In Memoriam

Just feeling a bit sentimental so....

Chapter 1

Harry Potter

I began reading J.K. Rowling's books in the beginning if sixth grade, and matured right along with each successive novel. It's amazing how a book can suck you in! Bring people together, cause such an uproar. What started out as just a single mother's inspiration on a train is now a dream lived by millions around the world.
Harry Potter is truly universal. Anyone, from my nine year old brother to my seventy year old grandma, can enjoy this series. It emits a feeling of mystery and wonder which is just far too overpowering to ignore.
And, as we all know, nowadays a best-selling book is normally accompanied by a movie. But did anyone really expect eight movies out of this? Of course not, who had ever heard of an eight movie franchise? About a kid wizard of all things! The magic of Harry Potter was obviously underestimated.
The first movie, with three unknown actors starring as leads, brought in 317.6 million dollars at the box office. But not everyone found Harry enchanting. EW critic Lisa Schwarzbaum stated, "That sense of deja vu is at once this Harry Potter's balm and it's limitation; many charms, but few surprises". Well, I think Harry was saving many of his surprises for the years to come.
The day the last Harry Potter book came out my dad brought it home for me early that morning as a surprise. I proceeded to lock myself in my room and read the entire day. Around eleven that night I closed the book with tears in my eyes. It was over.
But not really.
Buoyed by the still-to-be released movies and great (but not all great) fanfics I carried on just fine without looking forward to another new book. I reread and reread of course, just like everyone else does with their favorite books. The memorable quotes worked their way into my conversations. I rewatched the movies often, groaning about things they did wrong and celebrating when one of my favorite parts was accurate. I discovered the fan-made musical "A Very Potter Musical" and looked at the books from a more humorous perspective. Like I said, I carried on.
But now, looking at my robe and tie hanging in my closet, ready for Thursday night/Friday morning, I can't help but feel a small twinge. A sense that very soon I will be saying goodbye to a very great, very old friend. I will traipse into the theatre dressed up with friends singing songs that only a fan would understand, armed with a plastic wand and RedVines. And possibly a few tissues. I will sit in that audience full of people just like me. And we will all laugh and cry and stay with Harry until the very end.
But it won't be the end. Not for me anyways, not really. Harry will always have a place in my heart and a place in this world for many generations to come. He has cast a spell on all of us that will remain here for a very, very long time.
Mischief Managed,

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