The Art of Poetry

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Chapter 1

Searching For

by: yannis13
Everyones searching for someone
They're serching the rift valleys and deserts.
To find that special someone who can assure them it willl be ok
when things seem at its lowest point.
someone who completes their soul.

Everyones searching for strength
To overcome the weakness of love
Searching for strength to forgive
Maybe even forget

No ones searching for someone to care for or someone to love. everyones searching for someone to love them.
No ones considering the meaning of extruding love to anyone.

Everyones searching for wisdom to not be hurt again.
To tain power and control when it is not nessesary.
To accomplish the fact that life will not be fair.

No ones searching for the basic goal in life.
To reach extranious goals.
to accomplish something that hasnt been acclompished
Not to live the fullest but live empowered in yourself and confident.

But no, nowadys everyones searching for love.

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