Stupid random facts about me. (saw one of these)

I saw one of these it looks pretty cool. Sorry!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

random facts

Height: 5"7
Shoe Size: 10/11 (Women's) 8 (Men's)
Se*ual Orientation: Bi.
Do you Sm^ke? No way
Do you Dr^nk? Occasionally
Do you Take Drug$? No?
Age you get mistaken for: 16
Have Tattoos? Nope
Want any tattoos? he he
Got any Piercings? Ears
Want any piercing? A bar in my ear.
Relationship status: Taken... :)
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone you miss: ...Dobby!
A fact about your personality: a really bad temper
What I hate most about myself: braces
What I love most about myself: ... my... sense of humor.
What I want to be when I get older: Auror!!!!!!!!!!! (Avenge Moody!!!!)
My relationship with my sibling(s): :P
My relationship with my parents: Meh......
What I hate the most about school: Waking up before noon
What my last text message says: "I can't wait for the Harry Potter midnight premiere!!!"
What words upset me the most: won't let me type it... :P
What words make me the best about myself: 'I love you'
A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: the guy nextdoor to say something to me other than hi.
What I find attractive in guys: keeping their pants on their arsenheimer
Where I would like to live; The burrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My childhood career choice; race car river
My favorite ice cream: cookie dough
Who I wish I could be: Luna Lovegood
Where I want to be right now: ...holding Emaley
The last thing I ate: a smoothie
A random fact about anything: my gf's name is Emaley

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