My Love For Drew

Norah Scott is a 16 year old Canadian who goes to Wesley/ Degrassi High School. She is abused and sometimes r/aped by her drug addicted dad. He is also a convicted murderer. He killed Norah's mom and brother when she was a little girl. He was never caught by the police because he was a conman. He moved from Vancouver to Toronto. She never tells anybody because her dad threatens to kill her. Here is her story.

Chapter 1

My Morning

by: marbles
I woke up. My body was sore. My dad had beaten last night. I got dressed and headed downstairs. It was quiet. Too quiet. I didn't know if my dad was awake. I didn't feel like getting beaten again. Luckily he was unconscious from the drugs. I drove my truck to school. (A/N= Norah's truck in the pic.) I met up with my friends Eli and Clare. We chatted and talked. Then the bell rang and i headed over to science class.
Okay, so this is my second story. Its not interesting here but it will get more intense. So stay tuned! Comment and rate! Thanks!

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