Finding the Six, or Tales of Magic 2

This is the sequel to Tales of Magic. If you have not read that, please go do so now. The link is posted in the comments below.
For those who have read Tales of Magic, I hope you enjoy the sequel! Please comment with your thoughts, criticisms, and ideas. This will be considerably longer than the original story, so stick with me, and we'll go for a wild ride through the Elements! --BeautifulMutant

Chapter 1

Six, or Eight? and Finding Keith

It was cold.

Of course, it was always cold with Bodicea around, who couldn't seem to get enough of the icy temps.

Mark blew on his fingers, feeling them tingle, then freeze up again. Sighing he stuffed them back in his pockets, and moodily kicked a stone. Finding the six missing Elementals was proving difficult. They'd known it would be when they set off, but then it was novel, it was an adventure to be begun. Now it was just flashing through the towns of the US and Europe, trolling through tediously long forums, blogs, and posts of all sorts, looking for anything out of the ordinary.
Obviously they hadn't come up with anything.
And Mark was a bit disappointed with his Elemental gift. Gemma Brown, a type of mermaid in her form as a Water Elemental could travel through the water, oceans, and lakes, freshwater and salt. How far she could go underwater was unknown, but Gemma informed them that no matter how far she had gone before had she ever had a problem with the pressure.
Logan Price, an Air Elemental was a natural-born flyer, speeding along even on the stillest days, bringing cool and hot winds with him. Like Gemma, he'd never had a problem with his flying, no matter how high he had gone, though, unlike Gemma, there was a point of no return when he would leave the atmosphere should he fly too high.
Bodicea Keynes, the Ice Elemental flashed in and out of places with a dazzling silver-white light and a gust of freezing wind; snowflakes spiralling out of the air where she had been but moments before. While Gemma and Logan couldn't take people unlike them on their travels, Bodicea had traveled with Mark and Mark's boyfriend Harry with ease no matter where they went.
Fiona Deeping, a type of Rock Creature, magically related to Knockers, traveled through caves and pockets in the core of the Earth without fear of cave-in or falling. Her special magic allowed her to avoid, and even prevent, rockslides and cave ins, and she never had a problem with lack of oxygen or poisonous fumes in the stone tunnels and rooms she mapped.
As Mark ticked the off the list in his head, he realized something, and froze. Figuratively, of course.
"Bodicea! Wait!" he called, hurrying to catch up with the other two.
"Logan was wrong! We don't have to find six. There's more than that! Look!"
Mark pulled the piece of paper listing the Elements out of his pocket, and unfolded it.
"Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit, Ice, Shadow, Light, Metal, Wood, Electricity, Magic, and Time.
"We have these elements: Earth, Water, Air, Ice, and Time. We're missing eight."
"What??" Harry yelped, staring down at the paper. "But, Fiona--"
"Is a type of Earth Element, at most, because she's related to the Knockers, and cave-dwellers. She's not another of the Elements."
"But why did Logan say we're missing six, when we're missing eight of them?"
"That would be because he knew where two others were." Bodicea suddenly appeared at Mark's elbow, her eyes flashing silver.
"He--he knew, then? Oh," Mark said, deflating a little. Why hadn't anyone bothered to tell him?
"Trust me, he knows. And I know. They're safe, and you will be meeting them soon," she said, smiling kindly at him, looking older than she was.
"What Elementals are they?" Harry asked eagerly.
"Fire and Wood. Minor Elementals, in that both have weakened powers. They crushed their powers in order to be like the other people their age, so they have very poor states of Elemental health. Logan and a few others have been helping them try to regain their powers, but it's unpredictable at best. Their powers lash out at odd moments, sometimes weak, sometimes strong, so they stay hidden where they feel safe until they have more control over what happens when."
"Oh," Harry said, nodding. He felt a little more in touch with these two, since his supposed Time Element had not shown itself in him, not even a spark of difference. Perhaps he had crushed his as well? Mark saw the sudden downturn in his expression, and squeezed his hand sympathetically. Harry attempted a smile, grateful.
"Come on you two. We're about to be down to five left."

Keith Oliver was a fun person to be around. He always had a witty comment or joke that lightened a room considerably. He had a light complexion--blonde, fair eyes, and fair skin, with a bright smile. No matter where he went, he had at least a few friends to hang out with.
And what made him such a fun person was his Element form. Or rather, he was the Element form--a combined Elemental, binding both lesser and greater forms of the Light Element. Keith was a Double Elemental, one of the strongest of his kind. With a little aid, he'd be a force to be reckoned with, an Elemental to be feared if one got on the wrong side of him.
Only rarely had Keith consciously used his Element. The lesser form of the Element inside him was constantly turned on, which was why people were attracted to him; while the greater form of his Element burst out on occasion. Keith kept it locked inside--except for those days when he needed to let out the excess of the strength building within him.
Today was one of those days. He felt jumpy, excited, as though the world was at his command; ready to do something. His fingertips and palms tingled at a constant rate; something that was beginning to annoy.
He was in the middle of his Senior year of high school. He was glad he had the afternoon free, because it was dreadfully hard holding a pencil and writing notes while his hands burned and tingled so much he could barely keep the pencil within his grasp.
Finally, though, the bell rang, and he leapt for the door. Quickly making his excuses to friends eager to meet up after school, he ran for the parking lot and his battered second-hand vehicle.
Once he got out of the school zone, he put his foot down and he sped through town to home. Luckily no cops were around to catch him for speeding on a neighborhood road, and he zipped into the garage.
Leaving his backpack and wallet in the car, he hurried between two his home and his neighbor's place, heading beyond to the park not five minutes away.
There was sufficient shelter just past the kids section of the park amongst the trees for him to let his Elemental side out. Hopefully I can make it... he thought in a panic.
Bursting into a sprint, he just made it to the trees before the Light poured out of him. Keith roared and fell to his knees, ignoring the thorns and pebbles stabbing at him through his jeans as threads of light wound around his forearms; beams of white-gold light flooding through his hands and flashing through the trees. There had better be no one around, I'll never be able to explain this. Keith thought, shaking visibly as the force of his power shuddered through him.
At last it stopped, and his shaking hands fell to his sides. He knew that his eyes would be a pale shimmering gold right now--he'd seen it in the mirrors on the kiddie area once, and had quickly shielded his eyes from sight with a hat. There had once been a time when light had come from his eyes, but it hadn't lasted long, and it had been a weak beam. But this...he'd never held the Power inside for so long, and he'd never glowed like this before. His skin glittered with pale sparkles, and, as he glanced around, he realized that wasn't all that glittered.
The trees, ground, rocks--everything hit by the light pouring from his hands, now glittered with a light golden dusting. Hopefully should anyone see it they would think some girls had gotten a hold of some sparkles.
Standing and leaning against a tree, Keith paused to get his breath back.
"This isn't good for me, it can't be," he muttered, dusting his knees off. Losing this much energy once every now and then couldn't possibly be healthy.
Still shaking, Keith turned to leave the shelter of the trees. He paused to check for witnesses, then left, walking slowly and panting a little.
Suddenly a gust of freezing wind blasted over him, and snowflakes danced around him. On the top of the little rise directly ahead of him now stood three people. One was a woman that looked like a Goddess: dressed in an old-fashioned white dress and wearing a silver crown, the pale, red-headed woman looked down at him with glowing silver eyes. To her left and right stood two men, framing her. One was shorter and dark-haired, the other a little taller, with light brown hair.
"Hello, Keith," the woman called. Even her voice sounded chilly. "We've been looking for you."

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