I'll get sued for this! XD

Chapter 1

Darren Criss, Anyone?

I don't wanna,
I dont wanna be sued
I'm not tryin, Tryin to be rude
Cause it ain't funny
I don't have the money to LOOOOSE!
I never wanted
Never wanted to fight.
Legal issues, and misuse, and Copyright!
If I annoy ya, I don't have a lawyer to UUUUUUUUSE!
So understand
That I'm just a fan!
I can't fight the man
So I'm playing it safe!
Nothing else

THAT SONG goes to its rightful owners. I didn't write that, its way too awesome. Starkid ^

No but seriously. Don't sue me, I dont have money and I really just don't feel like being sued.

P.S: If you own any of these words, can I use them? kthxbai



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