Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted

A girl and a guy loved each other but then all of a sudden the girl's heart broken into two pieces. Did anybody mend her heart? Did she find the man she loved?
What will happen in the relationship? What happened in her past?

Chapter 1

The Beginning

I was never lonely. I was never sad. I never had a broken heart until you left. I thought at long last I had found somebody to love but the minute I said "I love you" you left me with a broken heart. This is just the beginning though.

"Three years ago"
I was walking down a trail when three men came out of the bushes with knives covered with blood. Then they said to me "you're next!" One of the three men went back into the bushes and he sneaked behind me so that I couldn't run away. The two other men came closer so I tried to run but the man behind me grabbed me and said "If you try to run we have a gun". I was petrified now so I had no clue on what to do. But then I heard a voice from up the trail and I knew it was boy so I jumped to a conclusion that he was with the other three men. Until the man I heard kicked one of the guys in the back of the head so he fell to the ground. He hit the second guy but I knew he had no idea on how he was supposed to get the third guy who was behind me. So he ran into the bushes and sneaked up behind the third and final guy and he had a huge rock in his hand and he threw it at the third guy. He fell to the ground. When the other fell so did I because he was holding me but I got out of his grip and ran for my life. I didn't care about the man that just saved me I just wanted to get out of there. Before I knew it somebody had grabbed me. I was yelling saying "let go of me!". Until I heard the sweetest voice that said "I won't hurt you and I never will. My name is Reece and I'm the one who just saved your life." I was quite surprised that the guy who just saved me wasn't with those guys. ( I wasn't paying attention to him saving me ) I turned around and said "I'm Anna. Thanks for saving me. Who were those guys?" "They were murderers that the police have been looking for for two months. By the way I'm an undercover police agent." I was shocked that he was an undercover agent for the police. The next day I was at school I went to an academy but that day everything was different. Different people were there and one specific person was there...Reece.

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