Over my dead body chapter 2

Over my dead body chapter 2

Hey You guys!! I got a few request to make another chapter so here it is the names for the main character are down to Penelope, Emily and Maya. Please Hepl me decide!!! I may actually publish this book!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 Darkness

by: KatieRose
As I begin to flutter my eye. I realize again what had just happened that had changed my life completely. My Mother had been murdered. I begin to gert up when I hear a slight but still audible creek from behind me. As I turn I see a man that was at least 6 foot 5 with grey blues eyes staring menanciling down at me as if I was prey. I trun to run but just as I got up the Man grabbed me around the neck and swung me into the wall as I open I my eyes right after I hit the wall I hear a horribly loud whistle in my ears. I feel blood running down the side of my face and all my vision is turned red. I close my eyes and when I try with all my will to open them again I fall into complete utter darkness.

I awake tied to a metal chair, shaking from the bitter cold of the room. I do not have feeling in hands as I try to grasp the handles of the chair. As I look around I am in a white room with no doors at least thats how it appears. There is one person in the room besides me. He looks like he is 17 or 18 and as I begin to feel the alarm come back into my head he is a blur. He comes right next to and says my name is James. We are soulamtes. And I loose conscieness consciousness for the third time that day.


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